Is Bajaj an Indian Company?

Yes, Bajaj is an Indian company. The Jamnalal Bajaj Group, one of India’s most prestigious and respected corporate houses, was founded by Jamnalal Bajaj, a freedom warrior, philanthropist, and close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. In Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, a sugar factory marked the beginning of the voyage eighty years prior. The group has expanded into a number of business sectors with expansion as its ultimate goal. The group consists of 40 businesses, with its flagship Bajaj Auto ranking as the fourth-largest two- and three-wheeler manufacturer in the world.


The group is involved in a number of businesses, including iron and steel, travel, insurance, finance, 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles, home appliances, and lights. Bajaj gained greatly from the license raj because of their ties to the ruling dynasty.


Bajaj Founder

The Bajaj family is in charge of the 96-year-old Bajaj Group, which is most known for its financial services division, Bajaj Finserv, and motorbike manufacturer Bajaj Auto. Rahul Bajaj (seen in the photo), who served as the group’s chairman, split the wealth with his cousins Niraj, Madhur, and Shekhar. Aged 83, the patriarch passed away in February 2022.


The Group now commands respect in the business world. The Group, which consists of 40 Group Companies and nearly 36,000 employees, has a market valuation of approximately Rs. 8,55,000 crores (or roughly US$ 105 billion). It provides a wide variety of goods and services, such as motorized two and three wheelers, home electronics, electric lighting, wind energy, special alloys, stainless steel, material handling equipment, cranes, travel, general and life insurance, consumer finance, investment, and asset management.

Bajaj, though, represents more to society than just a company name. The empowerment of society is sparked by it. It is the cause of the smile on a million people’s faces. The two short words Hamara Bajaj, which are ingrained in the collective mind of Indians, are a manifestation of its benevolence.

Summarized Table

Is Bajaj an Indian Company? Yes, Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian company.
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra, India
Industry Automotive manufacturing (two-wheelers and three-wheelers)
Founded 1945
Founder Jamnalal Bajaj
Key Products Motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers
Market Presence Bajaj is a well-known and prominent player in the Indian and global two-wheeler market
Notable Brands Bajaj, KTM, Husqvarna, and more
Export Hub Known for exporting motorcycles and three-wheelers to various countries
Innovation Recognized for innovation in motorcycle design and technology
Contribution to India Bajaj has played a significant role in India’s two-wheeler industry and economy


Bajaj Auto Limited is indeed an Indian multinational company specializing in two-wheeler and three-wheeler manufacturing. Jamnalal Bajaj established the Bajaj Group, a global company in India, in Mumbai in 1926.

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