Is Hero an Indian Company?

Yes, Hero is an Indian company. A multinational Indian producer of motorcycles and scooters, Hero MotoCorp Limited is based in New Delhi. It constitutes one of the biggest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world and accounts for over 46% of the Indian two-wheeler market. The market valuation of the company was 59,600 crores as of May 27, 2021, which is equivalent to 700 billion rupees or $8.8 billion in 2023.

Hero History

As a joint venture between Honda of Japan and Hero Cycles of India, Hero Honda began operations in 1984. In June 2012, Hero MotoCorp accepted a plan to combine the automaker with the investment division of its parent company Hero Investment Pvt. Ltd. This choice was made 18 months following the company’s breakup from Hero Honda.


The Merger

The world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheeled motorcycles is Hero MotoCorp. In order to establish Hero Honda Motors Limited, the Hero Group and the Honda Motor Company of Japan formed a joint venture. The partnership between Japan’s Honda Motor Company and India’s Hero Group has produced one of the globe’s finest joint ventures as well as the largest two-wheeler manufacturer.


Hero MotoCorp Limited has had rapid growth since adopting a new name in 2011. To improve productivity, the corporation combined its numerous manufacturing facilities across the country. The corporation has launched numerous new plants in India over the years and expanded the capacity of already-existing ones. Apart from India, the company has activities in many other countries. In addition to manufacturing facilities, the corporation has established numerous R&D facilities around the world to work on cutting-edge technologies.

These are the cities where the company’s high-production facilities are located, and most of these manufacturing facilities now serve as the company’s centres for research and development.

Summarized Table

Is Hero an Indian Company? Yes, Hero MotoCorp Limited is an Indian company.
Headquarters Gurugram, Haryana, India
Industry Automotive manufacturing (motorcycles and two-wheelers)
Founded 1984 (formerly Hero Honda)
Founder Brijmohan Lall Munjal
Key Products Motorcycles, scooters, and electric two-wheelers
Market Presence Hero is a prominent and well-established brand in India and other countries
Notable Models Hero Splendor, Hero Passion, Hero Glamour, and others
Global Reach Exports motorcycles and two-wheelers to various countries
Innovation Known for introducing innovative technologies in its products
Contribution to India Hero MotoCorp has played a significant role in India’s two-wheeler industry and economy


Hero MotoCorp Limited is indeed an Indian company known for its motorcycles and two-wheelers.

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