Greaves Cotton Limited Company Profile & Other Details

Greaves Cotton Limited makes machines and engines known for being reliable and efficient. They work in agriculture, industry, and transportation, making them an important part of manufacturing. For a long time, they’ve been committed to producing good engines and machines for different uses.

Greaves Cotton

Greaves Cotton Limited Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1859
Company CEO Nagesh Basavanhalli
Company Head Office Mumbai, India
Product Engines, Electric Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Spare Parts, Auxiliary Power.
Company Founder James Greaves and George Cotton
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 501-1000
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The Diverse Offerings of Greaves Cotton:

Greaves Cotton engages in the design and production of engines catering to a wide range of applications. In the transportation sector, they specialize in creating engines for vehicles such as scooters and three-wheelers, ensuring smooth and dependable performance. Additionally, in the agricultural domain, Greaves Cotton contributes by developing machines that assist farmers in various tasks, enhancing overall efficiency in farming practices.

One notable contribution of Greaves Cotton is in the field of power generation. The company manufactures power generators that play a crucial role during power shortages, providing a reliable source of electricity. This diverse portfolio showcases Greaves Cotton’s commitment to meeting the varied needs of different industries.

Quality Assurance and Ongoing Innovation:

Greaves Cotton is unwavering in its commitment to delivering high-quality products. The company places great importance on ensuring that its engines and machines perform well and have a long lifespan. This dedication to quality has made Greaves Cotton a trusted name in the industry, with customers relying on their products for consistent performance.

Furthermore, Greaves Cotton remains at the forefront of innovation. The company actively explores new ideas and incorporates improvements into its product line. This ongoing commitment to innovation ensures that Greaves Cotton continues to provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers, staying ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape.

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