US Agri Seeds Company Profile & Other Details

US Agri Seeds is a company committed to enhancing farmers’ operations through cutting-edge seed types and enthusiastic, knowledgeable technical support, enabling them to establish a profitable enterprise and improve the quality of life for farmers and the people they feed. Better seeds for better vegetables: “Sowing Your Future” is the mission of US Agri Seeds.

US Agri Seeds

US Agri Seeds Company Details

Company Name US Agri Seeds
Origin Country USA
Established Year 2012
Founder/CEO Steve Strange
Headquarters 3424 Roberto Ct, San Luis Obispo, California 93401, US
Products/Services Crops, Agriculture
Number of Employees 54
Official Website


USAgriseeds is a breeding company specializing in open-field vegetable seed crop production. Since its founding more than 20 years ago, the company has successfully developed and produced watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, melons, and squash.

More than 140 acres of research area are available, with breeding stations strategically placed in California, Woodland, and Sinaloa, Mexico. This allows us to take advantage of natural (counter) seasons and develop their products twelve months of the year. Their team of scientists and breeders is developing fascinating new kinds for growers worldwide using the newest cutting-edge technologies.

USAgriseeds is a crucial component of the Netherlands-based Axia Vegetable Seeds Group. For open-field crops, they sell their kinds under the USAgriseeds brand; for shielded greenhouse crops, they sell them under the Axia name.

Innovative products

The experienced team of researchers and agronomists collaborates closely with their customers daily to create cutting-edge solutions that give growers and end users even more advantages. By combining the most recent technologies with conventional breeding, they look for agronomic solutions, like disease or drought tolerance and production gains, as well as consumer qualities, like appearance, flavor, and shelf life.

Brand Vision

USAgriseeds promises vegetable seeds of the highest caliber, seeds that grow into cutting-edge goods that help farmers succeed globally.

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