Bhavish Aggarwal Net Worth: Co-Founder of Ola Cabs

Bhavish Agarwal is a very well-known name in the automobile transport service world. Here is the founder and CEO of the OLA Cabs. When it comes to the entrepreneurial ventures in India, his name comes up at the forefront. His journey from small town Punjab to the corridors of IIT Bombay and later Microsoft showcases with fervor, the relentless spirit of a visionary entrepreneur.

Bhavish Aggarwal

Name: Bhavish Aggarwal
Birth Date: 28th August, 1985
Birthplace: Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Education: IIT Bombay, Computer Science
Net Worth: Rs. 11,700 Crores (2022)
Profession: Co-founder and CEO of OLA Cabs
Career Highlights: – Co-founded OLA Cabs in 2010

– Valued at $6.5 billion (Rs. 48,750 Crores)

– Expanded from one city to 250 cities in seven years

– OLA leads India’s ride-hailing industry with over 50% share

Family: Blissfully married to Rajalakshmi Aggarwal

Parents: Naresh Kumar and Usha Aggarwal

Family Support: Family provided unwavering support throughout his caree

Bhavish Aggarwal Net Worth:

Bhavish Aggarwal’s wealth overtakes OLA Cabs’ growth. According to the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List of 2022, Bhavish Aggarwal minted Rs.11,700 crores. Such a remarkable feat, sees him emerge as one of India’s richest entrepreneur.

Bhavish Aggarwal features on the IIFL Wealth Hurun India Rich List, which is one of the most credible indicators of wealth. With a net worth of almost Rs 11,700 crore he has entered into an exclusive fraternity of entrepreneurs who have managed emerging unscathed from commercial hurdles and turning into economic giants.

Early Life

Born on 28th August, 1985 at Ludhiana, Punjab, Bhavish had emerged a long path from regular backdrops to develop one of the biggest cab hailing platforms across the global tech arena.


Here’s looking how Bhavish deviated from the family’s medical career. Doctors Naresh Kumar and Usha, Bhavish Aggarwal parents were broad hints for an early upbringing of their son’s career. But he followed a new route, got enrolled to IIT Bombay to create an unforgettable experience. Bhavish studied computer science in IIT Bombay to showcase early talent and curiosity around technology. Intellectual experiment of such a kind pioneered the revolution in transportation of India.

Bhavish studied computer science in IIT Bombay to solution for problems through technology. School gave him the skills and entrepreneurial spirit to initiate and succeed in OLA Cabs. The prestigious institution developed the intellect and creative talent of Bhavish. His career started with an intern after his graduation in 2008 from Microsoft. His patents from Microsoft as well as articles indicate that his earlier exposure in business helped him build abilities.


Bhavish Aggarwal co-founded OLA Cabs, where he still remains CEO, thus became a startup icon in the Indian market. Bhavish has creative and successful transportation profession.

Under the effective visionary and strategic leadership, Bhavish created OLA on 3rd of December 2010. The company is valued around $6.5 billion (Rs 48,750 Crores), which seduces it one of the most highly or hugely successful marketplaces in India. Unlike other business startups that turn their back against foreign markets, OLA is unusual because it works in India, Australia, New Zealand, and London.

Despite originating in a low-tech industry, OLA has grown fast from Bengaluru. From one city in 2011, OLA expanded to 250 cities within a span of seven years. Following this fast expansion, OLA presently leads the ride-hailing business of India with its share being more than 50%.

Bhavish Aggarwal Family:

OLA Cabs founder, Bhavish Aggarwal’s family always comes first. His world is centred on his blissful marriage to Rajalakshmi Aggarwal. Naresh Kumar and Usha Aggarwal bent over backward to support Bhavish right through his career lending strength and endurance.


Journey from a small town of Punjab to the helm of OLA Cabs gives credence of the entrepreneurial spirit of Bhavish Aggarwal. His success changed not the way Indians travel but also won him a place amongst most influential people of the country. While Bhavish keeps driving innovation and growth, his story inspirits the aspirants of entrepreneurial world reassuring that humble beginnings can lead to extraordinary achievements.

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