6 Ways To Get More SoundCloud Likes

SoundCloud is an all-in-platform for musicians, podcasters, and artists who want to boost their careers and become the next popular trend in the music industry. This is one of the largest streaming platforms online that makes it effortless to share your musical content and get discovered. You can easily come into the discovery of a community of around 150 million audience and tastemakers. It can assist you in increasing the sale of your music content and getting paid fairly for your work.

But, wait!

All this can’t be achieved by simply creating a SoundCloud profile and randomly uploading your new release. What would be the benefit of running an account when you don’t have any audience to check and listen to your work?

To bring the attention of millions of listeners, record companies, agents, and other people, it is important to get more SoundCloud likes and plays. The listeners will be attracted to the post when they see several likes, plays, and followers.


Since people visit the SoundCloud platform to listen to and share impressive music, it’s crucial to compose high-quality music or songs that your target audience desires. To decide the best quality and increase your streams, consult with your existing audience, friends, family, and other people around you. Upload your new releases at regular intervals avoiding uploading multiple albums or songs at once.

Within the past few years, SoundCloud has made a new change where the home page is not your stream anymore. So, your followers are not always discovering your work when you release it. This means that gaining an increasing number of likes and plays becomes more challenging.

To boost your SoundCloud likes and promote your music or song on a budget, work on the following tips and tricks.

1. Optimize your profile

SoundCloud users will not be interested in liking and sharing your content if they can’t understand what type of creator you are and why they should follow you. Before discovering your work, users will visit your SoundCloud profile to decide who you are, what your SoundCloud channel is all about, and why they should check and play your uploads.

So, get an appealing banner and an eye-catching profile picture with proper size and improved resolution. Many free graphic design platforms are providing more than thousands of templates to choose from. Create a short, concise, clear, and descriptive bio with required call-to-actions or CTAs.

2. Repost chains

Submit your music or tracks to playlists on trending channels on SoundCloud or repost chains. It helps in reaching hundreds or even thousands of listeners. Find channels with at least one thousand followers and more. For example, labels or collectives, repost channels, playlists, or promotional channels. A repost chain refers to a group of people where members automatically repost a track regularly to improve exposure.

After finding the channel, reach them and let them understand you like their work. When you have good interaction with them, assure them that your tracks will be admired by their audience and ask them to like and share your content. If they agree, you’ll get many likes.

3. Share your tracks privately

SoundCloud has an excellent feature for sharing private links to music or tracks. Make the best use of this feature to share your unfinished tracks with your collaborators. It is also good for sending blogs, demos to record labels, and interacting with other outlets. For example, famous radio stations with exclusives. Moreover, it will assist you in adding a personal touch and a feel of uniqueness which eventually helps in reaching tastemakers.

To share tracks privately, simply upload your track and then put it into a private setting. Now, save your track and visit your SoundCloud profile. Click the required track and click on the share button given below the waveform. Here, you will get a private share link, unique to your track. If you want to share your complete album, then make the entire playlist private. To add time sensitivity to your private links, you can reset them.

4. Create your presence everywhere

To reach SoundCloud’s potential audience, you need to reach your listeners everywhere. For example, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Discord. Developing a recognized presence on a couple of these platforms will help you in becoming a marketable musician. Managing multiple platforms can be challenging and time-consuming so you need to keep some patience. Don’t make the mistake of overloading all the platforms with similar content.

5. Use email marketing

Email is the old but best way of marketing and reaching the potential audience. Repost channels, promo channels, music fans, artists, and labels, everyone is using email nowadays. Thus, you can clearly and simply convey your message in a mail with a SoundCloud link to let the audience download your track easily. Personalize the message and try to stay concise to make recipients easily get to the main point.

6. Consider purchasing real likes

Another way to earn more SoundCloud likes is to buy SoundCloud likes from a trusted website. It helps in driving a desired number of likes at a budget that is suitable for you. This is one of the most time-efficient and easier methods because it helps in receiving the required likes instantly just by paying some money to your service provider.

To use this strategy, you need to be a little more careful because there are some websites that provide fake likes. So, look for reliable companies like Buy Quality Likes providing real likes from real people having authentic accounts on SoundCloud. Since all likes are genuine, there is no risk of being banned or restricted by SoundCloud for going against the Terms of Use.

The biggest advantage of using this strategy is that it doesn’t require paying forever. Browse the package for all the key features to ensure you get what you paid for without paying any hidden charges.

Hopefully, these methods will help you in getting more likes and giving a significant push to your career.

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