Usha Martin Company Profile & Other Details

Usha Martin is a big company known for making wires and ropes. They’ve been around long and are famous worldwide for their good products. They’re experts in making strong and reliable wire ropes, steel, and wire products. Usha Martin’s products are used in mining, construction, oil and gas, and building. People everywhere like their brand because it’s strong, lasts long, and is exact.

Usha Martin

Usha Martin Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1960
Company CEO Mr. Dimitri Bracco Gartner
Company Head Office Kolkata
Product of Usha Martin
  • Steel
  • Wire rope
  • Construction
  • Oil and gas
  • Energy
Company Founder Basant Kumar Jhawar
Parent company Usha Martin Industries Ltd
Number of Employees 1001-5000+
Official Website

A commitment to technological advancement and sustainable practices characterizes Usha Martin’s journey. The company invests significantly in research and development, ensuring its products adhere to international standards and incorporate the latest innovations in metallurgy and manufacturing processes.

One of the company’s notable achievements is its expertise in producing world-class wire ropes. Usha Martin’s wire ropes are used in critical applications such as elevators, cranes, and suspension bridges, showcasing the brand’s reliability in demanding environments.

More Details About Manufacturing Facilities Of The Company

The manufacturing facilities of Usha Martin are equipped with cutting-edge technology and adhere to stringent quality control measures. This ensures that every product leaving the facility meets the highest quality and safety standards. The company’s dedication to excellence has earned it various certifications, reinforcing its position as a trusted global supplier.

Usha Martin operates in India and has a significant international presence. Its global footprint extends to regions such as Europe, Asia, and the Americas, where it serves a diverse clientele with its premium wire and wire rope solutions.

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