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Technology-related goods and services are offered by Redington Ltd. (Redington). Redington, also known as the Redington Group, is a collection of businesses that provide services and goods in supply chain management, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, 5G communications, mobile accessories, mobile devices, and information technology services. Redington India, Redington Singapore (Redington Distribution), and Redington Gulf, its three subsidiary firms, run the group.


Redington Company Details

Company Name Redington India Limited
Origin Country India
Established Year 1993
Chairman Lucas TVS
Managing Director Raj Shankar
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Products/Services IT Products and Services Distribution, Telecom, Consumer and Lifestyle Products Distribution
Number of Employees Over 12,000 (as of 2022)
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  1. Srinivasan co-founded the organization, which formally began operations in 1993. Redington in the same year that it was formed, having primarily focused on serving as an IT product dealer in 1961. The scope of the business was broadened to include IT and telecom products and the logistic supply chain management system.

Products and Services

  • PCs, tablets, laptops, notebooks, desktop computers, smartphones, printers, solar energy goods, wearable technology, accessories, and lifestyle items like gaming and home audio are among the company’s IT products.
  • It offers e-commerce, supply chain consultancy, cloud services, mobility, project management, warehousing, reverse logistics, third-party logistics, and after-sales services.
  • In addition, Redington provides networking, security, data and analytics, packaging, AR and VR, and localization services for applications on gaming consoles.


The business uses a network of warehouses, sales offices, and partner service centers throughout South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and India, as well as its service centers. The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is home to Redington’s headquarters.

Brand Vision

Redington uses a special blend of innovation, technology, and relationships to help channel partners, brands, and customers in emerging countries reduce the obstacles that impede the adoption of new technologies. Reddington’s goal is to eradicate this difficulty completely.

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