SCM Garments Company Profile & Other Details

SCM Garments is a fashion brand that wants to make stylish clothes for everyone worldwide. Their clothes are good quality and follow the latest trends, from casual to fancy. They care about making customers happy, so each SCM garment goes through careful checks to ensure it’s awesome for you.


SCM Garments Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1989
Company CEO Ppk Paramasivam
Company Head Office Agartala, Tripura,India
Product Garments
Company Founder Thiru. A. Kulandaivel Mudaliar
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 10000+
Official Website

Innovation is vital at SCM Garments, investing in research for cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices. This commitment keeps us at the forefront of fashion and aligns with environmental responsibility. The dedicated design team brings creativity to life, crafting unique designs that speak volumes about individuality and staying relevant in a rapidly evolving world.

Transparency and ethical practices define our corporate ethos, maintaining open stakeholder communication. SCM Garments takes pride in being socially responsible, contributing to community welfare, and promoting fair labor practices in our supply chain.

Global Presence:

SCM Garments has a strong presence in various parts of the world, showcasing its reach and impact on a global scale. The company excels in adjusting its strategies to match different cultures, ensuring that its products align with the preferences and lifestyles of each region.

Flexibility in Styles:

SCM Garments exhibits a high level of flexibility in its approach to fashion, tailoring styles to suit the unique tastes and trends prevalent in different markets. The brand’s ability to adapt reflects its resilience and success in an evolving industry. SCM Garments stays ahead by embracing and responding to shifts in fashion trends.

Understanding Regional Preferences:

By delving into the specifics of each market, SCM Garments shows a deep understanding of what people in diverse regions appreciate in clothing, enabling the brand to offer relevant and appealing products. The company’s global success is underpinned by its commitment to understanding and embracing the local nuances, ensuring a tailored and resonant approach in each market.

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