SASMOS Company Profile & Other Details

Sasmos is a big player in planes and defense, known for giving smart solutions. From the beginning, it’s been a leader in using new tech and is trusted for its reliable help.


Sasmos Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 2007
Company CEO Chandrshekar H.G
Company Head Office Bengaluru, India
Product Multi-discipline technology company, specializing in product architecture, design & engineering services, development, prototyping, testing, product
Company Founder Chandrshekar H.G
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 1,200
Official Website

Founding and Evolution:

Founded in 2007, Sasmos has evolved into a key player, specializing in providing high-tech solutions for the aerospace and defense sectors. The company’s growth is rooted in a commitment to innovation and precision engineering.

Aerospace Expertise:

Sasmos excels in aerospace engineering, offering a wide array of services. This includes avionics, wiring harnesses, and specialized components. The company’s contributions extend to both military and civilian applications, showcasing versatility in its offerings.

Global Presence:

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Sasmos has a global footprint with a significant presence in key aerospace hubs. This strategic positioning allows the company to cater to a diverse clientele and collaborate with international partners.

Product Portfolio:

The company’s product portfolio includes advanced wiring solutions, mission-critical avionics, and electronic systems. Sasmos specializes in creating bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Innovation Hub:

Recognized as an innovation hub, Sasmos invests significantly in research and development. The company consistently explores emerging technologies, staying ahead in the dynamic aerospace and defense landscape.

In essence, Sasmos is a beacon of innovation and excellence in the aerospace and defense arena, committed to advancing technology, ensuring quality, and contributing to societal well-being. The company’s journey exemplifies a dedication to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of aerospace engineering.

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