Ritesh Agarwal Net Worth: Founder of OYO

Ritesh Agarwal with his innovative mind has in the course of his few years made or organized a revolution in the Indian as international hospitality industry. At an age as young as 26, Agarwal is not only a founder and CEO of OYO but also a motivation for millions of budding entrepreneurs across the globe. Here’s all that you need to know about this entrepreneur who has earned a lot of recognition.

Ritesh Agarwal

Attribute Information
Name: Ritesh Agarwal
Birthplace: Bissam Cuttack, Odisha, India
Education: Abandoned college to pursue entrepreneurial dreams
Net Worth: $1.1 Billion (Hurun Rich List 2020)
Recognition: Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list
Entrepreneurial Journey: Founded Oravel Stays, transformed into OYO Rooms
OYO’s Rise: Led OYO to become India’s largest hotel network
Personal Life: Married to Geetansha Sood
Family Business: Hails from a family with a small shop, learned entrepreneurship early
Formation Ventures: Geetansha Sood, director at Formation Ventures Limited
Achievements: OYO’s success placed Agarwal among the world’s youngest self-made billionaires
Philosophy: Unflinching pursuit of excellence in both professional and personal life

Ritesh Agarwal Net Worth

Blazing success OYO accomplished meant Agarwal’s entrepreneurial acumen and strategic foresight was properly awarded, propelling him into the euphoria of being one mile among India’s richest people. As OYO triumphed, Agarwal’s net worth took a meteoric rise with his financial worth putting him among the world’s youngest self-made billionaires on the global scene at astronomical proportions. According to the Hurun Rich List 2020, Agarwal was worth about $1.1 billion, placing him amongst the respected business persons across this time. In addition, Agarwal’s addition in Forbes Asia 30 under 30 list indicates his huge accomplishments and dominance in the entrepreneurial industry.

Ritesh Agarwal Bio

-> Early Life

Born in the town Bissam Cuttack of Odisha and brought up at Titilagarh, Ritesh Agarwal was a born great personality right from a tender age. Hailing from a family that operated a small shop, he learned the essence of entrepreneurship while still completing his formative years. His journey took a notable turn when he decided to follow his entrepreneurial dreams by abandoning college and setting to the path of innovation.

-> Oyo Business Startup

Agarwal’s entrepreneurship journey got interrupted for a short while during his college years until he initiated Oravel Stays which is an online platform in hotel reservations for budget travelers. Accepted into the accelerator program of Venture Nursery in 2012, Oravel Stays rapidly changed after its birth into OYO Rooms one of the most impactful ventures India has ever seen in the hospitality market.

-> OYO’s Rise to Prominence

Under the visioned leadership of Agarwal, OYO quickly flourished as India’s largest hotel network and spent all energies and time in providing affordable standardized accommodations to its wide range of customers across the nation. Through a targeted intention of solving budget travelers’ issues, OYO defeated traditional hospitality with creating value addition for its guests through standard services at an enormous affordable price range.

Personal Life

But then, as along with his professional exploits, the personal life of Ritesh Agarwal too has been in the limelight. In a recent turn of events, Agarwal got married to Geetansha Sood and that surely gets him into a fresh new phase of life as such. Forming a formidable and straight-talking trio, the youngest member of the group is Geetansha from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, bringing her unique blend of talent and ambition to the position of director at Formation Ventures Limited too.

While Agarwal’s remarkable professional laurels never cease to inspire awe, his personal growth and relationship graph only help underline the multifaceted persona he is. And in the midst of entrepreneurship and married life, Agarwal remains unflinching in his pursuit of excellence, target setting new benchmarks with each passing juncture.

Overall, the rags-to-riches journey of Ritesh Agarwal is no lesser than an inspiration for the millions of small-town young entrepreneurs who aspire to make it big one day. He has redefined the way of doing hospitality business through OYO and also inspired a whole generation of young entrepreneurs to dream big and chase their ambitions without a step back.

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