Top 10+ Leading Fiber Optic Cable Companies In India

Most of the connectivity in India is ruled by fiber optic cables, which have seen many drastic moves with their telecommunication infrastructure in recent years. These are just a few of the companies that rule in 2024 and have been instrumental in making India digital. These are the companies that have come up with the finest services with the most updated tech supports. Introducing you the details of India’s top 10 fiber optic cable leading companies, unveiling their strengths, innovations, and effect.

Top Fiber Optic Cable Companies In India

Fiber Optic Cable

1. Dron Edge:

Fiber optic cable pioneer Dron Edge develops high-speed data transport technologies. With its quality and creativity, Dron Edge helped India embrace the digital age. Dron Edge India Private Limited, formed in 2010, became a renowned fiber optic cable manufacturer and exporter. Company supplies LIU, OLT, OTDR, FMS, and Patch Chords for Optical Fiber Cable and Joint Closure. Dron Edge’s comprehensive range provides solutions for the evolving telecommunications and networking sector. Plastic-sheathed fiber optic cables include optical fibers. This makes long-distance electronic data transport safe and efficient. Optic lines enable data streams to transit enormous networks at extraordinary speeds, unlike electrical networks. These optical fibers increased Dron Edge network performance and reliability.

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2. Aksh Optifibre Limited:

Aksh Optifibre Limited sets industry standards by inventing fiber optic technology. The company’s diverse product line serves telecommunications, broadcasting, and networking industries, exhibiting its adaptability and effect. Aksh Optifibre Limited pioneered optical fiber 30 years ago. On Mathura Road in New Delhi, OFC and optical fiber production started. Aksh’s 2000 purchase of glass fiber reinforced plastic rods for optical fiber cables was significant. This strategy solidified Aksh’s fiber optic supremacy. AKSH was famous worldwide around the turn of the century. The business was listed on the National and Bombay Stock Exchanges (BSE), proving its growth and financial stability. Its market position distinguishes AKSH’s operations. Fiber and FRP rod make over 70% of optical fiber cable expenses. Aksh is a major optical fiber cable producer.

3. Illumination Systems Pvt. Ltd:

Industry leader Illumination Systems Pvt. Ltd. makes cutting-edge fiber optic cables. The firm is lauded for its indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Illumination Systems Pvt. Ltd., formed in 2004, innovates and specializes in lighting. LED street lighting, fiber optic lights, and interior lights are sold by the company. Illumination Systems Pvt. Ltd. has answered market demands and provided cutting-edge lighting solutions for various sites since its foundation over two decades ago. Illumination Systems Pvt. Ltd. meticulously qualifies each LED element. Cutting-edge design and high-quality components are flawlessly blended to please consumers. This commitment to precision and efficiency makes Illumination Systems Pvt. Ltd.’s lighting solutions industry-leading and effective.

4. Surana Telecom & Power Limited:

Surana Telecom & Power Limited, a telecom and power solutions pioneer, develops rugged fiber optic cables. This unique integration makes them the best choice for entire connectivity solutions, proving their endurance and creativity. Established on 14th August, 1989, Surana Telecom & Power Limited was Surana Petro Goods Pvt. Ltd. It began creating oil jelly and telecoms items like dovetail joints kits, becoming a major private company. Jelly-filled telecom cables were the company’s 1992 telecom innovation. The company’s jelly-filled telecom cables were groundbreaking. The company’s focus on telecommunications and power solutions has led to the development of high-performance fiber optic cables. Companies seeking reliable connectivity choose them for their combined telecoms and electrical solutions.

5. M-Core:

Research, development, and manufacturing power M-Core’s fiber optic cable market domination. Durable and efficient M-Core cables boost the nation’s digital infrastructure. The company’s innovation and quality make it a networking solutions leader. M-Core, founded in 1989 as Rahul Cable Ind., is a leading manufacturer, dealer, and distributor. Despite expanding, the company remains known for inexpensive fiber optic connections. M-Core produces CCTV, networking, and electrical cables in a modern and traditional manner. M-Core’s price and global raw material standards stand out. Modern manufacturing processes and historical concepts ensure the company’s offering fulfills industry standards. Low prices and good quality make M-Core a trusted brand.

6. Vindhya Telelinks Ltd:

Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. serves several sectors with its fiber optic services. The company’s cables provide power as well as high-speed data. Vindhya Telelinks Ltd. is part of MP Birla Group’s flagship Birla Corporation Ltd. This worldwide powerhouse started as Birla Jute Manufacturing in 1919. Madhav Prasad Birla’s visionary leadership revolutionized the firm, adapting to shifting consumer demands and technological improvements. Vindhya Telelinks Ltd.’s fiber optic enterprise innovates and diversifies. Cables from the firm deliver energy and high-speed data. This strategic move makes Vindhya Telelinks Ltd a holistic solutions provider, enhancing power network efficiency, dependability, and connectivity.

7. Finolex Cables Ltd:

Finolex Cables Ltd., an Indian cable powerhouse, readily converted into fiber optics, proving its excellence. For decades, the company has led the industry in quality, reliability, and technology. With 26 billion (US$400 million) in yearly revenue, Finolex Cables Ltd. is one of India’s largest fiber optic cable manufacturers. The firm began cable production using PVC-insulated car electric cables. Finolex Cables Ltd.’s diverse product line demonstrates its ingenuity and versatility. The company’s PVC Insulated Industrial Cables, FR-LSH Industrial Cables, Customizable Industrial Cables, and Rodent Waterproof Manufacturing Cables meet industrial needs.

8. Next Generation Technologies:

Next Generation Technologies (NGT) pioneers fiber optic technologies. Technical innovation by the organization has shaped India’s digital ecosystem and ushered in a new era of connectivity and creativity. Beyond PC sales and repair, NGT provides several technological goods and services. Multi-site WAN/LAN engineering, program management, IT strategic planning, an IT committee, and numerous security and system integration levels are among NGT’s technical solutions. Its extensive solutions show its dedication to end-to-end IT services. NGT’s approach to comprehending partners’ complicated concerns is unique. This involves a thorough technical and human study of a company before recommending tailored solutions. Each organization’s technical and human demands must be understood to guarantee solutions fulfill needs.

9. Aares Telecom (P) Ltd:

With its fiber optic cable expertise, Aares Telecom (P) Ltd. is a major player. A deliberate emphasis on particular applications and industries helps the organization to create tailored solutions, creating confidence with clients across sectors. Starting in 1995, Aares Telecom (P) Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer, distributor, and dealer of 4 core fiber optic cables, single and ribbon fiber, OTDRs, optical signal meters, and laser light sources. Due to their specialization, they can adapt their whole product line to Vodafone, Ircone, and Micro Engineers. Optical data storage cables from Aares Telecom (P) Ltd. These cables’ lightweight construction and effective insulation allow light-based data to travel effortlessly. Plastic coating and tight tube housing make wires reliable.

10. Telephone Electronic Corp:

Telephone Electronic Corp. (TEC) is a trusted fiber optic cable provider. Its high quality and diverse product range keep it relevant in a changing industry. TEC has developed from a tiny analog phone company to a valued supplier to the Indian Army and BARC nuclear power project since 1963. TEC’s rise to India’s leading technology provider delights it. TEC’s success comes from their commitment to developing durable goods. The company’s diverse product portfolio, including fiber optic cables, displays market adaptability. TEC always helps consumers in deserts and altitudes.

11. RR Kabel

RR Kabel is a leading Indian manufacturer of wires and cables, serving diverse industries including construction, automotive, and telecommunications. With a wide range of electrical solutions, they offer products like PVC insulated cables, fire-resistant cables, and specialty wires, ensuring quality and reliability for various applications globally.


The spread of Internet service is assured with the use of the fiber optic cable. The following top ten biggest fiber optic cable making companies in India for 2024 reflect an eclectic and varied fabric of ability, originality, and dependability.  As the country progresses on its digital path, these companies form building blocks proffered by the crucial connectivity framework that supports India’s technological progression. Their collective impact extends far beyond cables, fostering a connected and empowered future for the country.

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