Is Unibic an Indian Company?

If you have been at a supermarket or a nearby general store, then your eyes must have caught a glimpse of Unibic’s cookies. Right? That’s because this company is known for the best, unique, and most delicious cookies in the country. And that’s why we can assume that you must have stopped to think about whether or not it is an Indian company, right? Well, if you are still wondering about that then we wanna clear things up for you. No, Unibic is not an Indian company. It is actually an Australian-origin company that made its first appearance in India back in 2004.

If that seems intriguing enough, we’d advise you to keep on reading to find out more about Unibic and its delicious cookies.


Highlights Of Unibic Company Details:

Unibic Company Is From Which Country Australia
Established Year 2004
Unibic Company Owner Unibic Australia Pvt. Ltd
Unibic Company Headquarters Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Products Of Unibic Cookies
Unibic Company Founders Nikhil Sen
Parent Company Of Unibic Unibic Australia Pvt. Ltd

The Story Behind Unibic

When you hear about Unibic, it’s like listening to a success story of India’s growing business world. As we share more about it, you’ll see how this cookie brand has become a favorite for so many people. Unibic isn’t just another company. It’s a big player in the market! They started strong, and their financial numbers tell us that they’ve done really well over the years. By March 2022, they were making over 500 cr rupees in sales! But like any business, they’ve had their challenges. In the last year, some of their earnings took a little dip, but their overall value grew by almost 20%. And yeah, if you ever find yourself in Bangalore, maybe drop by their main office. Who knows, you might even get to taste some freshly baked cookies!

Unibik’s Product Range

Remember when we were kids, and our choices were just chocolate or vanilla? Well, Unibic started somewhat like that, with only two flavors, the yummy Anzac Oatmeal and the delightful Bradman Chocochip. But today, they’ve spiced things up with over 20 different flavors! Whether you’re in the mood for rich chocolate, or nuts mixed into your cookie, or even if you’re watching your sugar, they’ve got you covered. And yeah, people are munching on these cookies in places like the UK, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, and even the Middle East. In India, while they’ve always been a big hit in the southern parts, they’ve now made fans in places like West Bengal, Delhi, and Maharashtra.

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