Is OnePlus An Indian Company?

Now, when it comes to flagship phones, there are only a few companies or brands you might consider like Apple, Samsung, or even Xiaomi. But one brand that literally took this particular segment of the market by storm is OnePlus. The first few phones by this brand were a huge success, and that is what people liked about this brand, not just in India but around the globe. And at some point in your life, if you have stopped to think whether or not it is an India-based company or not, then we wanna let you know that No, OnePlus is not an Indian company. It is actually a China-based company, which is a subsidiary of Oppo. Yep, the very same brand that is already selling tons of smartphones in India.

Highlights Of Oneplus Company Details:


Oneplus Company Is From Which Country China
Established Year 2013
Oneplus Company Owner Oppo
Oneplus Company Headquarters Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Products Of Oneplus Smartphones, Earphones, Power Banks, OxygenOS, Televisions, Smart Watch And Accessories.
Oneplus Company Founders Pete Lau and Carl Pei
Parent Company Of Oneplus Oppo (BBK Electronics)

Oneplus’s Simple Story of Big Dreams

Two guys, Pete Lau and Carl Pei, got together on December 16, 2013. They had a dream, to make a top-notch phone that’s different from the rest but doesn’t cost a fortune. They called their first phone the OnePlus One. It had some cool features and was quite affordable, so people loved it! As we go on, you’ll see how OnePlus kept growing over the years but always kept its promise to give the best. Now, you might see a lot of OnePlus phones in India, but did you know it started in Shenzhen, China? And here’s a fun fact, OnePlus is like a little brother to a big brand called Oppo. Both are part of an even bigger family named BBK Electronics. If you ever thought some Oppo phones look a bit like OnePlus, well yeah, that’s why!

OnePlus in India

You know, India has a really close connection with OnePlus. People in India just loved how these phones looked, worked, and, best of all, their price tag! It’s not just about the phones though. OnePlus teamed up with some local companies, making their bond even stronger. Now, it feels like almost everyone in India knows and talks about OnePlus. Since OnePlus is seen as a competitor to big brands like Apple and Samsung, that’s why it has grown in popularity even more in recent years.

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