Yes, Noise is an Indian company that manufactures and sells wearable technology and other similar goods. By June 2020, the electronic sector will control the market for smartwatch production. It is ranked among India’s top 5 brands for its burgeoning line of Bluetooth earphones. Amit and Gaurav Khatri, two brothers, worked together to bring this business into being.

Noise Products


Over the past four years, they developed become a bestselling brand. This business sells the following items:

i) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

This item includes a charging case with an outside hue of raven black. It can be charged for over ten times a day. The charging takes about three hours to reach 100% battery.

ii) Noise Colour Fit Pulse Grand

This device has an LCD display that shows heart rate analytics as well as precise digital states like sleep, stress, oxygen, menstrual cycle, and other things.

iii) Noise Smart Watches

It provides the option of making calls over a Bluetooth connection. Voice assistant, Heart rate monitoring capability, local music, Spo2 monitoring, voice recorder, and full HD display.

IV) Noise exposure Wireless earbuds with a game mode

The Neo 2Blue tooth earphones, a charging case, one earmuff, a USB cable, two extra ear tips, a warranty registration card, and an instruction manual make up the entire set.


This business was founded eight years ago by two brothers, Amit and Gaurav Khatri. They concentrated in producing smartphone outer casings and accessories before producing smartwatches and moving into a fine technology.

Their business began to flourish with the development of technology and the launch of Noise shots in 2016. There was a great deal of optimism for the impending technological products of this corporation. Online stores like Amazon and Flipkart started selling the Noise photos. This company’s headquarters are in Gurugram, India. The key factor that propelled Noise to the point where it is today was Gaurav Khatri’s idea and vision within a cell phone.

Summarized Table

Is Noise an Indian Company? Yes, Noise is an Indian company.
Headquarters Gurugram, Haryana, India
Industry Consumer electronics and tech accessories
Founded 2014
Founders Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri
Key Products Earphones, headphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, and other tech accessories
Market Presence Noise primarily focuses on the Indian market but also exports its products
Commitment to Quality Known for offering affordable and stylish tech accessories
Online Presence Products are available through e-commerce platforms and the Noise website
Customer Base Serves consumers in India and other countries
Innovation Offers a range of tech accessories with modern features and designs


Noise is an Indian consumer electronics and accessories company. The Noise provides high-quality personal technology devices that are readily available to young Indian consumers.

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