Is Jawa an Indian Company?

No, Jawa is not an Indian company. Farrokh K. Irani and Rustom S. Irani introduced the Jawa brand from the Czech Republic to India. Yezdi was a rougher version of the Jawa brand that was Indianized. These motorcycles had a cult following because to their stylish design and nimble handling; they were quick, cool, and simple to maintain.

About Jawa Brand


Frantiek Janeek, who acquired Wanderer’s motorcycle division, formed JAWA in 1929, which is pronounced java in Czech. JAWA produces motorcycles and mopeds. The initials of Janeek and Wanderer were combined to form the name JAWA. JAWA was one of the leading motorcycle manufacturers in the past, particularly in the 1950s, and exported its 350 model to more than 120 nations. The 350 Pérák and, in the 1970s, the 350 Californian were the most well-known models. From the US to New Zealand, it showed up in the customary black and red hue. A major reduction in manufacturing happened after 1990. In Tnec nad Szavou, a successor business was established in 1997 and retained the brand JAWA Moto.

Jawa in India

From 1960 to 1973, Ideal Jawa India Ltd., an Indian motorcycle manufacturer with headquarters in Mysore, produced Jawa bikes under the brand names Jawa and Yezdi. In 1996, the business stopped making products.

In October 2016, Mahindra & Mahindra secured a licence agreement to introduce motorcycles with the JAWA brand name across India and other East Asian nations through its subsidiary Classic Legends Private Limited (CLPL).

Summarized Table

Question Answer
Is Jawa an Indian Company? No, Jawa is not an Indian company in its origin. However, it has been reintroduced in India by Classic Legends Private Limited.
Origin Jawa motorcycles were originally manufactured in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic).
Reintroduction in India Jawa motorcycles were reintroduced in India by Classic Legends Private Limited, which is an Indian company.
Headquarters The headquarters of Classic Legends Private Limited is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
Industry Motorcycle manufacturing
Relaunch Year Jawa motorcycles were relaunched in India in 2018.
Key Products Classic and retro-style motorcycles under the Jawa brand name.
Market Presence Jawa motorcycles are primarily available and sold in India.
Notable Models Jawa Classic, Jawa Forty-Two, Jawa Perak, and others.
Historical Significance Jawa motorcycles have a rich history and were known for their classic design and performance.
Manufacturing Location Jawa motorcycles are manufactured in India.
Rider Community Jawa has a dedicated community of motorcycle enthusiasts and riders in India.


Jawa is an iconic motorcycle brand that originated in the Czech Republic but was reintroduced in India by Classic Legends Private Limited.

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