No, Jaguar is not an Indian company. Tata Motors, an Indian firm, currently owns Jaguar, which was originally a British business. What country produces Jaguars? Although ownership of the business has changed multiple times over the years, Jaguar’s headquarters are still in Coventry, England, and most of its vehicles are still made there. Additionally, the renowned Jaguar logo is still present on every model in the lineup.

One of the biggest automakers in the world, Tata Motors is headquartered in Mumbai. It is owned by the multinational corporation Tata Group, that also engages in business in the telecoms, steel, and hospitality industries.


About Jaguar

Jaguar’s roots are in the Blackpool, England-based Swallow Sidecar Company, which made sidecars for motorcyclists before focusing on SUVs, luxury sedans, and sports cars. William Lyons and William Walmsley formed this business in 1922, but it soon shifted its manufacturing focus and changed its name to S.S. Cars Limited to better serve the expanding automotive market.

What you should know about Tata Motors and Jaguar’s past is as follows:

  • Tata Motors acquired both Jaguar Cars and Land Rover in 2008, and in 2013 the two companies were fully combined to form Jaguar Land Rover Limited.
  • Worldwide, Tata Motors has several additional automotive businesses in both the passenger and commercial vehicle sectors.
  • The Tata Group, which was established in 1868 as a trade firm, includes Tata Motors. Early on, the Tata Group was recognized for significant accomplishments like the first hotel in India to have electricity in 1907.

Across the UK, there are various design studios and production facilities for both authentic Jaguar and Land Rover models, with the Jaguar Land Rover headquarters being notably in Coventry—north of London by around two hours.

Summarized Table

Is Jaguar an Indian Company? No, Jaguar is not an Indian company.
Ownership Jaguar is owned by Tata Motors, an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company.
Headquarters Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom
Industry Automotive manufacturing (luxury and sports cars)
Founded Jaguar brand founded in 1935
Key Products Luxury and sports cars, including the Jaguar F-PACE, XE, XF, and others
Historical Significance Known for its long history in designing and manufacturing luxury vehicles
Global Presence Jaguar vehicles are sold and popular worldwide
Innovation Recognized for its innovation in automotive design and technology
Contribution to India Jaguar is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, which is an Indian automotive company. Jaguar’s ownership by Tata Motors has increased India’s presence in the global automotive industry.

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