No, InFocus is not an Indian company. It was actually started in the United States back in 1986, and it was back in 2013 when InFocus made its first appearance in the Indian subcontinent. Most of you may know this company as this giant and trusted projector seller, but they are clearly more than that. They’re into budget smartphones, touch displays, LED TVs, software, video calling services, and whatnot. And if you care to learn more about InFocus company, then keep on reading because you are at the right place for that. Here we go.

Highlights Of InFocus Company Details:


InFocus Company Is From Which Country United States
Established Year 1986
InFocus Company Owner John Hui
InFocus Company Headquarters Tigard, Oregon, USA
Products Of InFocus DLP and LCD projectors, touch displays, LED televisions, tablets, smartphones, software, video calling services
InFocus Company Founders Steve Hix and Paul Gulick
Parent Company Of InFocus Image Holdings Corp.

The InFocus Story

In the world of tech, InFocus has been a name to remember since 1986. It all started with Steve Hix and Paul Gulick, two guys with a vision. They kicked off by creating projectors. You know, those machines that make walls come alive with videos? Yeah, those. Touch screens as big as your coffee table, TVs, and even smartphones came next. By 2009, InFocus caught the eye of John Hui from Image Holdings Corp. He saw something special and snapped it up. Oregon became the new HQ, a place for fresh starts. Then, 2015 was a big year. InFocus decided to say “hello” to India. But it wasn’t just a drop-by. They had plans. Big ones. Teaming up with FIH Mobile Ltd. in 2013 was just the warm-up. When they hit the Indian market, they brought along gadgets that made eyes pop, smartphones, and TVs that didn’t just look good but were good.

InFocus In India

InFocus has quite the story in India, you know. Started with a bang, they rolled out everything from budget-friendly phones to fancy gadgets. They also had big plans to make stuff right in India, showing they were serious about being part of the country’s big dream to make government help easy to get, no matter where you lived. When it came to getting the word out and selling their products, InFocus was sharp. They didn’t just throw their devices anywhere, they picked the best online shops that fit each gadget like a glove. They used these shops’ popularity and knack for selling to reach all sorts of customers across India.

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