Harpic is not an Indian company. That’s kinda shocking, isn’t it? You might be someone who always thought of Harpic as an Indian company, but now you know that is not the case. It is actually a company that began in the United Kingdom back in the 1920s. And when Harpic made its first appearance in the Indian market, people were a little skeptical at first, but it became a hit later on. If you wanna know a little more about Harpic then keep on reading because that’s what we are onto today.


Highlights Of Harpic Company Details:

Harpic Company Is From Which Country United Kingdom
Established Year 1920
Harpic Company Owner Reckitt Benckiser Group plc
Harpic Company Headquarters Slough, England, United Kingdom
Products Of Harpic Toilet cleaners
Harpic Company Founders N/A
Parent Company Of Harpic Reckitt Benckiser Group plc

The Harpic Story

Well, it all began when a person named Harry Pickup tried to create a cleaning solution for the toilets. It was all happening in North Yorkshire back in the 1920s. He called it Harpic, and before long, this name became the talk of every household. Why? Because Harpic did a mighty fine job of making toilets sparkle, removing nearly all the nasty germs. Fast forward a bit, to 1932, and Harpic wasn’t just Harry’s little project anymore. It joined forces with a big player, Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc. Now, you might not have heard of them, but in 1999, they were like the dream team of companies coming together. Now let’s hop over to India. The year was 1984. Harpic arrives, and people are scratching their heads. “Toilet cleaners? What’s that?” they wondered. But Harpic wasn’t just any toilet cleaner. It had a secret weapon, a thick liquid that clung to bowls like a koala to a tree, and it smelled nice too! So, despite a slow start, folks in India began to like Harpic.

Harpic In India

In India, Harpic began a journey that would transform the way we clean our toilets, forever actually. With clever ads and a bottle that could reach every nook and cranny, Harpic didn’t just aim to clean, it wanted to teach. So, they crafted a bottle, not any old bottle, mind you, but one with a neck that bent like a swan’s. This wasn’t just for show though, it was a masterstroke, making sure the cleaning magic hit every spot, especially in Indian toilets while keeping the septic tanks just fine. And they didn’t skimp on the advertising budget either, they hired many Bollywood celebrities like Akshay Kumar and others to make their products appear to the masses.

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