Is Eveready an Indian Company?

When it comes to small zinc carbon batteries in the country, Eveready is one name that comes right up to every Indian customer’s mind. Right? Well, it is so much popular of a popular company that is competing against other well-known brands like Nippo and Duracell. But just like the rest of us, the thought of Eveready being an Indian company may have crossed your mind at some point in your life. Right? But, that’s not the case. Eveready is not an Indian company, it is actually based in the United States. Bit of a shocker it is? Yeah, we get it. And if you wanna know more about the story behind this company, then simply keep on reading.

Highlights Of Eveready Company Details:


Eveready Company Is From Which Country United States
Established Year 1896
Eveready Company Owner Energizer Holdings
Eveready Company Headquarters St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Products Of Eveready Batteries
Eveready Company Founders N/A
Parent Company Of Eveready Energizer Holdings

The Eveready Story

So, back in 1905, Eveready decided to make a bold move into India. Back then, dry cell batteries were the latest cool thing, and everyone, literally everyone was talking about these little pieces of magic. They had to be shipped over from the US, and then they’d land in the vibrant streets of Indian cities. It was a different world back then, and that’s when Eveready made its first appearance in the Indian market. By 1939, they could see how much people loved their batteries. So, they took the next big step and set up their very first battery-making hub right in Kolkata. And just like that, a lasting bond with India began. It’s been quite the ride since!

Eveready In India

See, Eveready is not just big in India, nah, it stands tall as Asia’s top flashlight maker too. Considering those pesky power cuts we often face, having a reliable flashlight is a real game-changer. Now, here’s where it gets even more exciting. In the past few years, Eveready didn’t just sit back and relax. Nope. They saw the bright, shiny world of LEDs taking off and thought, “Hey, let’s dive in!” And dive in they did, in 2015. But yup, they didn’t just stop at LEDs. They branched out into home appliances too. Imagine that! Everything from those warm geysers for chilly mornings to food processors that make our kitchen tasks a breeze. Eveready seems to be on a roll, don’t they?

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