Is Colgate an Indian Company?

No, Colgate is not an Indian company. Colgate is an American company that primarily produces oral hygiene supplies like mouthwash, dental floss, and toothpaste. Colgate’s products for oral hygiene were initially offered for sale by Colgate-Palmolive in 1873, sixteen years after the company’s founder, William Colgate, passed away. Initially, the business offered soap.

Glass jars have held Colgate toothpaste since 1873. In 1896, Johnson & Johnson (Zonweiss), Sheffield, and Kalodont invented the tube. Alicia Tobin, a copywriter, came up with Colgate’s catchphrase “It Cleans Your Breath While It Cleans Your Teeth” in the 1950s, which helped the brand become well-known.


Colgate Products

On September 23, 1937, the Company was established as a private limited company.  The business manufactures and sells goods for oral care (dental cream and teeth powder), hair care (shampoos, hair oils, brilliantine), and other personal care (shaving creams, talcum powder, face creams, lotions, baby powder, etc.).  Colgate, Halo, Palmolive, and Charmis are the trademarks used to sell the goods.

A distribution system with storage facilities in Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata was also built on an all-India platform. The formal name of the corporation is changed to Colgate-Palmolive corporation in 1953.


Colgate was the sole toothpaste brand in the world that over fifty percent of all households bought, based on a 2015 analysis by market research firm Kantar Worldpanel. With a 45% worldwide market share, Colgate had a 67.7% worldwide market penetration. In spite of this, Colgate continued to grow at the fastest rate of any brand in the poll, with 40 million new homes buying Colgate-branded goods in 2014.

Summarized Table

Question Answer
Is Colgate an Indian Company? No, Colgate-Palmolive is not an Indian company.
Headquarters New York City, New York, United States
Industry Consumer products, oral care, personal care, and home care
Founded 1806 (as William Colgate & Company)
Founder William Colgate
Key Products Oral care products, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and personal and home care products
Global Presence Colgate operates globally and is a well-known brand in oral care
Market Focus Serves consumers worldwide with a focus on oral health and personal care
Brand Recognition Colgate is one of the most recognized and trusted oral care brands worldwide
Sustainability Efforts Committed to sustainability and responsible business practices
International Impact Colgate products are available in numerous countries and regions


The Colgate-Palmolive Company is an American international consumer products company, not an Indian one. It has been a household brand for many households and continue to hold its reputation currently.

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