Is All Out an Indian Company?

All Out is an Indian company that began its baby steps in the year 1990. But the founders, Naveen, Anil, and Bimal Arya didn’t know that they were creating a brand that would solve the mosquito problem in India, well, kind of. That’s what happened and now, All Out is one of the biggest brands or companies in this particular niche. And if you are someone curious and wanna know more about All Out, then simply keep on reading because we are about to get down to a quick lowdown about this awesome company. Here we go.

Highlights Of All Out Company Details:

All Out

All Out Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 1990
All Out Company Owner SC Johnson
All Out Company Headquarters Delhi, India
Products Of All Out Mosquito repellents
All Out Company Founders Naveen, Anil, and Bimal Arya
Parent Company Of All Out SC Johnson

The All Out Story

Three brothers, Anil, Naveen, and Bimal Arya were on a mission to keep homes safe from mosquitoes. Back in 1987, in the small town of Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, they mixed and matched, trying to create something that would make evenings mosquito-free. Fast forward to 1990, and their dream took flight with “All Out,” a name that now almost means “no more mosquitoes” in India. “All Out” wasn’t just another mosquito repellent though. The Arya brothers didn’t just make a simple spray or a coil; they introduced us to the liquid vaporizer. It was something people hadn’t seen before, and it worked wonders. With their clever ads and a catchy tune, remember the one with the frog? “All Out” wasn’t just a product, it became a household name.

More About All Out

Back in 2005, something pretty big happened for All Out. A well-known family company, S. C. Johnson and Sons saw something special in a brand that the Arya Brothers had poured their heart into. They decided to be a part of all this and therefore, they took “All Out” under their wing. Now, this wasn’t just about a new name on the letterhead. “All Out” was already a favorite when it came to keeping pesky bugs at bay in India. What did they do next? Well, they got even busier. Coils, mats, aerosols, you name it, they expanded their arsenal. They were the first to do it, and they did it well, with a reputation for quality that everyone talked about.

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