HRMS Central Bank of India: Login Process, Services and Benefits

In the early 2000s, the Central Bank Of India also shifted to the HRMS system, and that has been quite a decision for them because it has benefited not just the bank, but the employees working there as well. But, let’s say you don’t know how to use HRMS Central Bank Of India, worry not because we are about to get started on just that. Here we go.

Central Bank Of India

What Is HRMS Central Bank Of India?

So, there’s this thing called HRMS Central Bank of India, but most folks just call it CENT SWA-DARPAN. Picture it as a super handy online and mobile app combo that makes handling all the people stuff aka HR stuff at the bank as easy as it can get. They kicked it off wanting to make things run smoother and faster in every corner of the bank, you know? From figuring out leave days to sorting out who gets paid what, it’s all about using smart tech to make bank work less of a headache.

Services Offered by HRMS Central Bank of India

Alright, there must be some services or benefits of some online platform, that would be the motivator to use it, right? Well, there are quite a few to begin with here though, let’s see:

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS): If you want a personal dashboard for all things HR-related, well, Central Bank Of India’s HRMS portal lets you do just that. You can manage or update your personal info, take a look at pay slips whenever you want, and check those leave requests you have left your boss to see.
  • Leave Management: Talking about leaves specifically, well, from this HRMS portal, you can apply for one, check the status or the previous one, and things like that.
  • Attendance Tracking: This HRMS portal lets you mark your attendance on your own, like now there is no need for you to do it physically by giving up your fingerprint, PIN, signature, or anything like that.
  • Performance Management: With this HRMS portal in hand, the people at the top can check the performance and make goals accordingly, and it kinda works as a performance booster for the employees as well.
  • Training and Development: Let’s say you want some specific info about something, what would you do? Ask out the HR person? Nah! Just use the HRMS portal by the bank, and that would be just it because there are many training and development-related stuff lined up just for you.
  • Payroll Processing: Sometimes you have a lot of doubts about the salary, like how much you’ll get in-hand salary, what will be deducted, and things like that, right? Well, with this HRMS portal, things will be a whole lot clearer and transparent.
  • Employee Grievance Redressal: Let’s say you got a problem, and you just want to let the HR people know, right? Well, no need to visit the HR department personally, just pop open the HRMS portal of the bank and prompt your concerns there. It is like super easy.

Benefits of HRMS Central Bank of India

Now let’s see why you should actually be using this HRMS portal introduced by the Central Bank Of India, just for the employees, you know?

  • First of all, it actually makes things super easy, which definitely results in increased efficiency because now the employees don’t need to knock on the doors of the HR department, they can do most of the HR tasks on their own.
  • Another big plus is that you can get your hands on a lot of info whenever you want, and from wherever you want, literally!
  • Because this HRMS portal is there to help you out with your personal data, which means you can actually rely on that data and don’t need to confirm it from anywhere else.
  • For the bank though, this HRMS portal is like a cost-saving machine, because you know, now they don’t have to keep so many people in the HR department, and since the efficiency is high, they’ll end up doing more work done in less time too.
  • Lastly, this HRMS platform is there to make things super easy for the employees, and keep them satisfied so that they don’t get stuck in all that HR stuff and pile of paperwork, you know?

HRMS Central Bank of India Login Process

So, you work at the Central Bank of India, right? And you’ve gotta peek into their HRMS system. No sweat! Here’s how to login:

  • First off, hit up your HR people. They’ll hand you a special username and a secret password. It’s like getting a VIP pass!
  • Now visit this URL: Scoot over to and look for a big “Welcome to HRMS” sign. Can’t miss it.


  • Pop in your username and that secret password. Thinking about extra safety? Ask for a one-time password (OTP).
  • Boom! You’re in. Your very own dashboard pops up with all the cool stuff you can do.

And there you have it! Easy peasy, right? Just remember, it’s all about keeping things simple and friendly. No need for any brain-scratchers here.

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