BLS Infotech Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

India is home to BLS Infotech Limited. The company offers services enabled by information technology (IT) and IT. Software for computers is the company’s offering. Additionally, it provides education and computer training services. In May 2009, the business changed its name from Brels Infotech Limited to BLS Infotech Ltd. Headquartered in Kolkata, India, BLS Infotech Ltd was established in 1985.

Services connected to IT and those enabled by IT are offered by BLS Infotech Ltd. Aside from that, the business trades PCs and computer accessories. In addition, the company provides hardware peripherals in its position as an order supplier and software kits to the needs of its clients. The Indian market contributes significantly to income generation. In the area of computer education, the corporation is in the business of advancing skill-based knowledge.

BLS Infotech Ltd Company Details

BLS Infotech Ltd

Company Name BLS Infotech Ltd
Origin Country India
Established Year 1985
Founder/Chairman Mr. Sushil Kumar Saraogi
Managing Director/CEO Sushil Kumar Saraogi, Bibhas Bera, and others.
Headquarters Kolkata, India
Products/Services Develops and markets computer software
Number of Employees Not available
Official Website


The company was first registered as a Private Limited Company on March 13, 1985, under Appu Industries Pvt. Ltd.. The company offers professional and student courses that are relevant to the business. It is Computer Point Ltd.’s biggest franchisee. – Depending on the needs of each company, the company has taught courses in DOS, D-Base, Lotus, Wordstar, and other application packages. – The company’s research and development department mostly works on creating integrated, specially designed corporate packages. Accounting, production planning and control, CPM/PERT analysis, inventory control, and other fields are among those where software is developed.


Manufacturing of computer peripherals such as punch tape readers, magnetic tape/cassette/cartridge drives, magnetic disk/floppy/Winchester disk drives, curve followers, serial/daisy wheel/line printers, graph plotters, data entry devices with or without visual displays, digital web cameras, magnetic or optical readers, devices for transcribing data into data media in a coded format, and so on.

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