Top 10 Best Investment Banking Companies In India

Without a doubt, currently, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world, and the investment or financial scene of the country has a significant contribution to that. And guess who’s leading this epic financial revolution? That’s right, the top-tier investment banking companies, pulling off big-time deals and delivering some of the best financial advice that’s shaping India’s booming sectors. By 2023, not only has India stamped its mark as one of the five largest economies in the world, but it’s also seen a whole lot of action in the investment zone, with mergers and acquisitions making headlines literally everywhere.

And if you are interested in learning more about the investment and financial scene of India, you must get to know about the entities that are leading the charge. Don’t you think? That is precisely why we are here today. Here we will be going over the top 10 best investment banking companies in India for 2023. So yeah, without wasting any time, let’s get down to the least and start exploring. Here we go.

List of Top Investment Banking Companies In India

1. Avendus Capital

Avendus Capital

If you have already begun your search for the best of the best investment banking companies in India, then you may have come across Avendus Capital’s name multiple times. Correct? Well, that just shows how good of a company this is. Avendus Capital is known to offer a wide range of services like  M&A advisory, private equity syndication, and structured finance catering to, well, pretty much everyone! And that’s how this company has been able to pull off the best reputation in the Investment Banking sector of the country. For that, the credit goes straight to the hardworking and passionate team of Avendus Capital that made this firm a big deal in this particular industry. Their talented team is the reason why Avendus Capital’s services feel very customer or client-centric rather than just pulling out the dough from your pocket.

2. ICICI Securities Limited

Alright, so if you’re tracking down India’s top-notch financial institutions, ICICI Securities has got to pop up on your list. ICICI Securities, being the subsidiary of the mighty ICICI Bank Ltd, comes with a hefty dose of credibility in the bustling market. Now, they are no one-trick pony; we’re talking about services from retail equity, derivatives, and currency margin trading to global investing, corporate finance, and private wealth management. Started in 1995, this company has been at it for over two decades, flashing its seasoned expertise in the financial game. With over 70 lakh fans (aka trusted customers) and 140+ branches, it’s no wonder they’re a big deal! Their research? A whopping 75% strike rate, so yeah, they know their stuff. And with cutting-edge digital platforms, you’re looking at one smooth financial ride with ICICI Securities.

3. JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase isn’t just a name; it’s a global sensation! In 2023, TIME didn’t just include them in some list; they hailed them as one of the “100 Most Influential Companies.” From kickstarting economies to leveling the playing field globally, they’ve done it all. We’re talking 200 years of unparalleled service, guided by rock-solid principles. Their projects are nothing short of Innovative! Like championing Black developers with the Equitable Development Initiative or addressing racial homeownership issues in cities like Chicago. Serving a mind-boggling number of customers in over 100 global markets, their influence is simply undeniable. Considering all these gold stars, it’s crystal clear, JP Morgan Chase isn’t just making waves in India but globally in 2023.

4. Axis Capital Limited

Axis Capital Limited is not just about finance; they’re about innovative finance. Their service spectrum includes not only the usual Investment Banking and Institutional Equities but goes deeper into Equity Capital Markets, Syndication, and so much more. And they’ve not just been sitting around; they’ve been in partnership with bigwigs like Bharti Airtel and Godrej Properties Ltd, among others. Their track record since 2015 is simply off the charts, with major capital flows, advisory roles, and their fingers in the Private Equity pie. But remember, while all this info showcases Axis Capital Limited’s impressive feats, “the best” is always in the eyes of the beholder.

5. Edelweiss Financial Services

So, you’ve been on the hunt for top-tier financial services companies? Then Edelweiss Financial Services might’ve caught your eye. Established by Rajesh Shah back in 1955, this financial powerhouse has been making waves for decades in India’s investment banking scene. Their services? Oh, they’ve got it all, from mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and capital markets, to private equity advisory. Thanks to its prolonged presence, it’s become a name synonymous with trust and excellence among clients. Part of the larger Edelweiss Group conglomerate, this affiliation gives them an expansive network, vast resources, and unmatched expertise. While their heart is in Mumbai (that’s where their headquarters is), their influence spans the entire nation.

6. Goldman Sachs

Established in 1869, this firm’s legacy is, well, monumental. Their platter of offerings is massive like investment banking, asset management, and other financial goodies like commercial banking. Their 2023’s stats are impressive: a market capitalization of $113.65 billion and consolidated assets touching $486.9 billion. Their motto is simply “Clients before everything.” Through their world wide web, they ensure mutual growth and endless financial opportunities. Dive into their innovative solutions like the Financial Cloud or platforms like Marquee, and you’ll see Goldman Sachs’ century-and-a-half worth expertise in action. Their roots in India go deep, and this mix of local wisdom with global expertise is what makes them the top pick for many big-league players in India.

7. Citi Bank

Ever heard of a bank that’s as global as it gets yet knows the local pulse like no other? We’re talking about CitiBank. With a staggering 200 years of global know-how, their stability and expertise are, well, legendary. Projects like lighting up African communities with solar power and collaborations with firms like Konfio are just the tip of the iceberg. 2023 was a stellar year for them: bagging the title of “Best Sub-custodian” for the 20th time in a row! And if you’re looking for thought leadership in banking, their Global Perspectives & Solutions is where it’s at. With CitiBank, you’re not just banking; you’re experiencing the future of finance.

8. JM Financial Institutions Securities

 JM Financial’s consolidated loan book rocketed to a whopping Rs. 15,891 crore. Now, that’s a significant 26.1% YoY hike for Q1FY24! Revenues and Pre-Provision Operating Profit? Just as impressive, they stood at Rs. 1,081 crore and Rs. 377 crore, respectively. Those are robust YoY spikes of 34.2% and 29.2% for Q1FY24! And do you remember their July 2023 strategic tie-up with Future Generali India Life Insurance? That was all to amp up the insurance game! Spanning sectors from real estate consulting to wealth management, JM Financial makes one thing crystal clear: their passion and prowess in delivering top-notch financial solutions are unmatched.

9. IDBI Capital

Way back from 1964, to 2004, IDBI was THE apex Development Financial Institution (DFI) that put its stamp on India’s industrial ascent. They dreamed of evenly spread industries, upliftment of backward areas, and a thriving capital market. Then, in 2004, a metamorphosis happened. IDBI transitioned into a banking giant, IDBI Ltd., expanding its horizon to a vast range of banking activities. Thanks to this move, a broader customer base got a taste of their services. They’re not just a bank; they’re a financial buffet! With fingers in pies like capital market, investment banking, and mutual fund business, customers are spoilt for choice.

10. O3 Capital Global Advisory Services

If you’ve been tracking the big players in the world of capital advice, you’ve surely bumped into O3 Capital. These folks are simply a different breed. Laser-focused on offering top-notch advice on capital syndication and M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), they’re the masters of their craft. While others may get bogged down by complexities, O3 Capital dances through it, turning potential pitfalls into groundbreaking solutions. It’s not just about giving advice; it’s about forging partnerships. With undivided attention to each deal, they ensure clients get nothing but the best. And hey, did you catch The Economic Times piece on them? Domestic firms like O3 Capital are making waves, surfing on India’s growth wave.


There you have it. Now you have a pretty good understanding of which investment companies you should trust with your financial guidance. Correct? Each of the companies mentioned in today’s post has its own set of benefits, but it is always better to dive deep into the stats of each company individually for a well-rounded perspective.

Investment Banking FAQs

  1. Why Should I Study Investment Banking?

Ans: Well, here’s the thing, diving into investment banking could line your pockets nicely, give you a front-row seat to the big financial league, and sharpen that brain of yours. Simple as that.

  1. How Has The Investment Banking Sector Evolved In India Over The Years?

Ans: Let’s rewind to the post-90s when India opened its doors to economic freedom and bam! Investment banking started kicking in. International and local banks set up shop, all swayed by global happenings and how savvy India’s money market got.

  1. What Are The Primary Sources Of Revenue For Investment Banking Companies?

Ans: Well, these investment banking companies have different sources, like bringing in the profits through things like advisory gigs, getting a piece of the pie when they back deals (underwriting fees), playing the trading game, managing some big-ticket assets, and good old interest.

  1. How Does Investment Banking Differ From Traditional Banking?

Ans: See, your neighborhood bank’s all about keeping your cash safe and lending some out. But investment bankers? They’re the real players of the financial world, helping big dreams get the cash they need and giving two cents on mega-money moves.

  1. How Can One Pursue A Career In Investment Banking In India?

Ans: Well, first things first, kick off your journey with a degree in finance or something related. While you’re at it, apply for an internship because that would be a killer move. And yeah, don’t forget to become an expert in financial modeling and get the lowdown on the markets.

  1. How Has Technology Impacted The Investment Banking Sector In India?

Ans: See, investment banking isn’t just about stylish suits and hefty bonuses anymore. From the latest fintech solutions to brainy AI, they’ve given the banking sector quite the makeover. Now, data crunching is a breeze, operations are smoother than a hot knife through butter, and transactions? Faster than ever before.

  1. What Skills Are Essential For An Investment Banker In India?

Ans: Well, being an investment banker isn’t just about counting zeros (though that’s a fun part!). First up, be tight with tech; it’s the future, after all. A good grasp of stats? That’s something super essential. Keep your antennas up for global happenings, polish those presentation skills till they shine, and always, ALWAYS, be ready to make decisions on the fly.

  1. What Is The History Of Investment Banking In India?

Ans: Let’s rewind to the 19th century, there were European merchant banks setting the stage in India. Fast forward to the 70s, and homegrown banks started making waves. The 1990s? Oh, that’s when a massive boom led to the bigwig AIBI stepping in to lay down some rules.

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