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ADAMA is a top global player in safeguarding crops. They offer solutions to tackle weeds, insects, and diseases, supporting farmers in feeding the world.

 The company’s roots trace back to four young entrepreneurs who founded Agan (1945) and Makhteshim (1952), contributing significantly to Israel’s chemical and agricultural industries. In 1997, these companies merged to create Makhteshim Agan, later rebranded as ADAMA in 2014. Today, ADAMA is a proud member of the Syngenta Group, the world’s largest agricultural inputs company.


Adama Company Details

Origin Country China
Established year 1998
Adama founder/chairman Shri. Sahin Ozkan
Adama headquarters Ashdod, Israel.
Product/Services Crop protection products
No. Of Employees 9000

Syngenta Group

ADAMA is the seventh largest company in the global crop protection industry, demonstrating a historical growth rate three times higher than the sector average. Listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange, the company reported $5.6 billion in sales in 2022. ADAMA operates in over 100 countries and delivers solutions tailored to local farmers’ and customers’ needs.

Portfolio and Facilities

The company’s diverse portfolio is developed, manufactured, and formulated across four cutting-edge R&D centers and twenty-two facilities worldwide. With more than 9,000 dedicated employees, ADAMA values a culture of listening to farmers and fostering innovation in the field.


ADAMA’s leadership team is committed to driving the company’s mission and values. Corporate officers and board members play pivotal roles in shaping the direction and impact of ADAMA in the global agricultural landscape.

Social Presence

ADAMA maintains an active presence on various social platforms, including YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The company recognizes the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in its online presence.


ADAMA’s dedication to agriculture goes beyond a job, embodying a straightforward, get-it-done attitude to support customers in building sustainable and profitable businesses.

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