PNB HRMS: Login Process, PNB Parivar Services & Benefits

The PNB Parivar (HRMS Package) thing was put in place way back in 2006, and ever since, it is kinda making things super easy for the employees. But how? Well, that’s the thing a lot of people are confused about. Worry not though, we are here to make things super simple for you, and that’s what this post is dedicated to because here we will be taking a good look at the PNB HRMS portal, the PNB Parivar benefits and services along with the login process. So yeah, let’s get started with that, shall we?


What’s PNB HRMS All About?

So, PNB HRMS popped up on the scene back in 2006 and it’s been the go-to for sorting out payroll and all that salary stuff for the folks working at the bank. It’s got a whole buffet of features, from making sure everyone gets paid the right amount at the right time, to keeping all the employee details in one spot, you know? This system’s got its hands on the wheel, driving all the payroll stuff, keeping track of what everyone’s doing, figuring out the deductions, and whipping up pay reports, all to make sure the HR team’s life is a breeze and everything’s ticking along like clockwork.

Services Offered by PNB Parivar HRMS

PNB HRMS is all about making the HR world a bit less of a headache, and that’s the very reason why they’ve got this cool lineup of services that kinda streamlines the whole HR deal. Check this out:

  • Performance Check-In: It’s like having a straightforward chat about how you’re doing at work, helping figure out promotions and those well-deserved pats on the back.
  • Attendance Management: Keeping an eye on who’s showing up and when, so everything runs like clockwork.
  • HR Management Information System (MIS): Think of it as mission control for all the employee info and HR brainy stuff, all in one spot.
  • Training Management: Handling all the training sessions so folks can level up their professional game.
  • Employee Selection and Promotion Process: Making it smoother to pick and promote the right people within the gang.
  • Employee Self-Service Portal: A spot where everyone can check out their own HR details, like how much money they’re actually making and how many chill aka leave days they’ve got left, all online.
  • Absence and Leave Management: Sorting out leave days and time-off so everything keeps rolling without a hitch, you know?

Then What Are The Benefits Of PNB HRM?

First off, getting your hands on your salary and pension slips is like super easy. No need to bug HR or make a trip down to their office anymore. You can just peek at, snag a download, or print out your monthly details whenever you feel like it. Then, there’s the whole deal with loans and advances. If you’re thinking of getting a loan or just want to see how your current one is doing, like checking on those EMIs, you’re all set to do it straight from the portal. Plus, getting a peek at the bank’s holiday calendar means you can scheme your leaves and vacays way ahead, making sure you and your team are all synced up.

Step-by-Step Guide to Register for PNB HRMS

Signing up for PNB HRMS? That’s super easy! Whether you’re clocking in at Punjab National Bank now or you’re part of the alumni team, you can get going with the login details they handed you when you first joined the scene. Missed keeping those details? No issues at all! Just hit up your branch manager with the lowdown on your job role, the phone number you’ve got on file, your email, and any paperwork that backs you up. Once they’ve checked everything out, you’ll easily get new login details to hop onto PNB HRMS.

PNB HRMS 2.0 Login Process

Alright, so are you looking to dive into the PNB HRMS 2.0 portal? Cool, it’s pretty straightforward, to be honest. Here’s the lowdown on how to get in without breaking a sweat:

  • Hit Up the Official Site: First things first, go over to the PNB HRMS 2.0’s official webpage. URL: Just a click away from starting your journey.


  • Enter The Login Details: Alright, since we have given the direct link to the PNB HRMS portal login page, it’ll ask you to put the login details right away. So yeah, put in your User ID and password, fill out that captcha, and hit that “Sign In” button you see on the page.
  • Access Services: That’s pretty much it for now! You’re in. Now you’re free to roam around, check out all the cool services the PNB HRMS portal has got lined up for you.

And that’s about it. Easy peasy, right? Just follow these steps, and you’ll be navigating the PNB HRMS 2.0 portal like a pro in no time.

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