Nikhil Kamath Net Worth: Co-Founder of Zerodha

Nikhil Kamath is a name in the Indian business scenario that say it all – a perfect synonym of succeeding and innovating, all into one man – he is an entrepreneur, trader in stock markets, investor in great genius ideas as well as a popular social media personality. Born on 5th September 1987 at Shimoga, Karnataka, India – by the year 2023 Nikhil turned to be one of the youngest billionaires in the country. Today he is a living example of how determination and hard work can take someone ahead in life.

Nikhil Kamath

Attribute Information
Name: Nikhil Kamath
Birthplace: Shimoga, India
Education: Dropped out after 9th grade
Parents: Raghuram Kamath (Father), Revathi Kamath (Mother)
Siblings: Nithin Kamath (Elder Brother)
Career Success: Financial superstar with a net worth of almost $100 million USD (2024)
Income Sources: Trading, investing, and business
Business Venture: Co-founder of Zerodha (2010)
Entrepreneurial Journey: Started Zerodha, an innovative stock market platform app
Personal Life: Married to Amanda Puravankara
Lifestyle: Enjoys delicate tastes, owns Audi A6 and Porsche
Notable Achievements: Transformed financial markets with Zerodha, Successful in trading from a young age

Nikhil Kamath Net Worth:

Nikhil Kamath’s success is not straightened to the business as well. He has delicate tastes, for example, Audi A6 and Porsche. Details and characteristics of his favorite motorbike are unfamiliar.

Nikhil Kamath, as a financial superstar, possesses almost 100 crore USD by 2024. His basic income origins are trading, investing, and business. He is considered to be one of the wealthiest and most influential businessmen of India since he has such diversity in tactics to deal with money.


Early Life and Education:

Unusually, the success of Nikhil Kamath was attained after he dropped from 10 class. He was born and brought up in Shimoga with his parents, Raghuram, and Revathi Kamath who instilled values orienting to success. Nithin Kamath is the elder brother of Nikhil.

He till 8th was in an Oxford Senior Secondary School school but completed the 9th grade in Oxford Senior Secondary School, JP Nagar, Bangalore. His drop out of 10th-grade paved way for an interesting future.

Career Beginnings:

Cellphone sales started at 14 for Nikhil Kamath. His mother stopped him but he continued. Not the one to worry too much about losses, the 17-year-old Nikhil did a stint in a call centre for Rs 500 per month. His different jugaad to earn more was making adjustment of his age to suit minimum job requirements.

Nikhil traded though he works in the phone center 4–1. Unwavering zeal and hard effort started a dual quest. It made him billionaire through trading.

The Entrepreneurial Journey:

It saw the light of day back in 2010 when Nikhil Kamath along with his elder brother Nitin gave birth to Zerodha, an innovative platform for stock market. It changed the face of financial markets primarily due to the vision and resolve of Nikhil Kamath.

From a contact center, to success as a firm, Nikhil epitomized ability to show resilience in meeting challenges. Nikhil co-founding Zerodha epitomise not only his financial but also business abilities.

Nikhil Kamath anchored himself as Zerodha Co-founder amidst the tough business market. He led Zerodha to victory, and its stock market results unveil his tactical and commercial skill.

Personal Life:

Many love stories like that of Nikhil Kamath’s. First, Nikhil married Amanda Puravankara from Provident Housing Limited. Recent chats indicated may the couple split and thereby making it unsure about his personal relation.

Nikhil Kamath became popular in 2021 due to the relationship with Miss World Manushi Chhillar. Being highly connected, concern took place as fans and media started to explore their relations.


From school dropout to India’s youngest billionaire, the rise of Nikhil Kamath is inspiring entrepreneurs. He is successful because he has resilience and problem solving that can never be compared to anyone else. Nikhil uses Zerodha and social media as he reinvents corporate success. As he treads into new ground, powered on man-hours and dreams – hard workers are being powered by Nikhil Kamath.

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