10+ Low Budget Business Ideas For Women In India

Let’s say you are a housewife, or maybe you are a student, but you are willing to start something on the side that can earn you some money to make you financially independent. If that’s what you are here for, then simply keep on reading because here we will be taking a good look at low-budget business ideas for women in India. We are about to enter the year 2024, and it will be a great way for you to start the new year with a business goal in mind. It is not only going to make you financially independent, but you’ll also become aware of how to do business as a woman or girl in India. That is a proven way to do better in life, because see, everything is business these days. Like, look around, and you’ll see that every business, company, and corporate out there is into selling stuff, be it physical products, or just services. In short, they are selling something. So yeah, that’s enough of the intro, let’s get to the list then, shall we?

List of Business Ideas For Women

1. Selling Your Handcrafted Creations

See, if you’re someone who can turn a piece of thread into a work of art, this is your calling. What’s super cool about this? Your crafting magic paired with the power of online platforms can reach people far and wide who adore unique, handmade stuff. And you’d be surprised to know how many people in India are in love with this kind of stuff. Like, people really love to decorate their places with handmade items. That is kinda the trend right now, not just in India though, there are so many people in other countries that love handmade stuff. So, later on, if you wanna scale things up, you can think of selling these items in other countries, like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. Think about it, while sitting right here in India, you’ll be earning in dollars.

2. Home-based Bakery

If you’re the one whose baking has everyone going crazy, why not turn that passion into profit? Starting a bakery right from your home is a fantastic move for those who live and breathe baking. First things first, get those food safety permits sorted. Then, focus on making some unique recipes that’ll make people’s taste buds dance. And yeah, don’t forget to show off your goodies at local markets and events, it’s a surefire way to get your bakery the popularity it deserves.

3. Starting as a Virtual Assistant

If you’re a woman with killer organizational skills, think about starting a remote assistant service. This gig’s pretty straightforward and doesn’t need a lot of cash to kick off. Mostly, you’ll just need to get your hands on some solid communication and project management tools. That’s all. But what if you want to nail it in this game? Zero in on what you’re best at, maybe it’s sorting out admin tasks or whipping up creative stuff. Then, hit the digital space hard to get some actual clients.

4. Online Tutoring

Got a talent in a certain subject? Then why not share your knowledge through online tutoring? It’s not just a job, it’s a flexible way to spread your passion for teaching, fitting perfectly into your schedule. And the best part is that you get to teach in a way that connects with all sorts of learners. To truly stand out, stick to subjects that light your fire and make the most of online teaching platforms.

5. Photography

Now, photography could be a business option that you might have not thought of, until this point, right? Well, if that’s the case then you must consider it because it can be very lucrative, especially if you already have an eye for capturing those one-in-a-lifetime moments with sharp details. All you’d need is a camera, PC, or Laptop to edit the photos, and of course, photography skills. You can get into different sub-niches as well, like weddings, events, and even wildlife photography. The niche selection part totally depends upon you. But once the money starts coming in, you can scale up your business pretty easily, by investing in your equipment and hiring more photographers and photo editors like you.

6. Digital Marketing

Now, we know, you might have heard of this a million times, but the thing is, it actually works and that’s why everyone suggests Digital Marketing, especially to beginners. Another great thing about this business venture is that you don’t need to invest anything, at least at first. First, you’ll need to learn a bunch of things like social media marketing, SEO, and even PPC. And once you start implementing these things and earning a decent income on the side, then you can offer your services to different companies or brands.

7. Catering Business

Alright, on to the next business venture idea, and this time we have got Catering Business on the list. You see, this one is rather simple, but the thing is, many people who have heard of it many times, don’t take action. But if you can break just that barrier alone, then you’ll automatically be ahead of hundreds and thousands of people who don’t even bother to try it out. Of course, there is a small initial investment involved, but once you have your catering business up and running, all you’d need is to hire some people for your catering service to scale it up.

8. Fitness Training

Fitness Training

It is somewhat true that, after the whole Covid scene, people have become a lot lazier. Well, that is pretty much the effects that the lockdown period had on all of us. But the thing is, if you really are an opportunity seeker, you can turn this thing in your favor. How though? Well, the Covid pandemic actually made the whole “not going outside” a habit for many in India. And that is still a thing. That’s why, even when it comes to fitness training, people like to do it in their homes, without leaving their comfort zone. That is exactly where you can step in, and become a fitness trainer. It really can be a lucrative option if you know what you are doing.

9. Blogging

Now, blogging isn’t something new, it literally has been around for more than two decades now. But yeah, since it doesn’t require too much money as an initial investment, and the potential results can be huge in the long term, that’s why we are suggesting it on our list today. It’s all about pouring your passion into words and connecting with folks who love the same stuff as you.

10. Translation Services

First of all, we wanna ask: do you have knowledge about two or more languages? Or maybe you can even speak more than two languages, right? Well, if that’s the case, then you are already eligible to start off a business venture which is usually high in demand. We are talking about none other than offering your translation services. The scaling up thing is pretty easy too, you just need to hire people who speak or at least know more than two languages, just like you. That’s how it is.

11. Beauty Products Business

Now, it is a hard-to-deny fact that the beauty product industry is rising pretty much every single year, no matter what. And you can really take advantage of that by starting a beauty product business of your own. We’d suggest you dive into organic or handcrafted beauty products because that’s the main trend these days. Yeah, you gotta treat it like real business because you’d be dealing with customer relations, inventory, payments, shipping, and that kinda stuff.

12. Caretaker Services

Offering caretaker services isn’t a popular thing in India, but such services are super high in demand in Western countries right now. But yeah, if you live in or around big cities in India, you can offer your caretaker services to people who sometimes don’t have enough time to take care of their kids, pets, or even elderly parents or relatives. One of the main things that can set you apart from anyone in this particular gig is that you must earn the trust of your client so that they can leave their loved ones with you. Do that, and you’ll find your clients not caring about how much money you charge them for it. But be reasonable with your price range though, it can sometimes be a turn-off for clients.


There you have it. So, let’s say you chose a business idea to start in 2024 in India, what’s the next step? Well, we’d advise you to dive a little deeper and see what other people are doing in the same niche. But that doesn’t mean you should be procrastinating, once you have the business strategy laid out, just take action on it. That’s the way to go.

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