Khoobsurat Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

Khoobsurat Ltd. is an Indian enterprise operating in the financial and investment sectors. The Company’s operations encompass financing, investing in stocks and other securities, and other associated capital market activities. Khoobsurat Ltd was established in Kolkata, West Bengal, on April 17, 1982. The Company serves individuals and corporate entities in investing in shares and securities, both listed and unlisted, and providing financing.


Khoobsurat Ltd Company Details

Khoobsurat Ltd Company Profile Details
Company Name Khoobsurat Ltd
Origin Country India
Established Year 1982
Business Type Finance and Investments
Location Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Founder(s) Mr. Roop Chand Chhajer
Segments of Business Financing Activities (Individuals and Corporate Entities), Investment in Shares & Securities
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The company was founded in Kolkata, West Bengal on April 17, 1982, under the name and style “Khoobsurat Limited.” On May 1, 1982, the Registrar of Companies in Calcutta, West Bengal, granted the company a Certificate for Commencement of Business.

The company’s promoters were Mr. Sarder Singh Shekhawat, Mr. Dinesh Mehta, and Mr. Roop Chand Chhajer, who departed in between. 2013 saw the listing and admission of Khoobsurat Ltd.’s equity shares (Scrip Code: 535730) to trading on the Exchange’s list of T Group Securities. An application for the secondary issue of the company’s shares with the MCX-Stock Exchange Limited (MCX-SX) was authorized by Khoobsurat Ltd in 2014.

Capital of Khoobsurat Ltd

Currently, the company has ₹1500.00 Lakh in authorized capital and ₹1328.44 Lakh in paid-up capital. Right now, the face value of equity shares is ₹ 1/-. The business of Khoobsurat Ltd. can be broken down into divisions or segments of financing activities; these include investing in shares and securities and providing services to individuals and corporate entities.

Overall, In India, Khoobsurat Limited is involved in the finance and investing industries. It trades and invests in shares, commodities, and other associated capital market activities. The company was founded in Kolkata, India, in 1982.

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