Is Xolo An Indian Company?

Alright, Xolo is an Indian company that started out in 2012, when the smartphone market was about to become a real deal. However, did you know that Xolo is actually owned by Lava Internationals? Yeah, that’s a little surprising. But the thing that matters is more Indian companies or brands being in the smartphone race in the country. That way better, not just for us customers, but for the economy of the nations too. And if you care to know more about this local smartphone brand, then keep on reading. Here we go.


Highlights Of Xolo Company Details:

Xolo Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 2012
Xolo Company Owner Lava International
Xolo Company Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Products Of Xolo Smartphones, Tablet computers, Hive UI, Laptops
Xolo Company Founders Vishal Sehgal and Sunil Raina
Parent Company Of Xolo Lava International

The Xolo Story

See, Xolo is a part of the Lava family tree, a household name that’s been spicing up the mobile market since 2012. They came, they saw, and they decided to flip the game on its head with their smart and latest phones. Back when 2012 was fresh and new, Xolo stepped up and hit a home run with the X900. What’s so cool about it, you ask? Well, it was a device with an Intel processor, the first of its kind in India’s bustling smartphone bazaar. Later, they even collaborated with AMD, and boom! The Xolo Win tablet was born. And just when we thought they were done, Xolo came out swinging with the LT900 in December 2013. It was like a ticket to the future, being the first 4G-ready smartphone to hit the Indian shelves.

Xolo In India

Did you witness the buzz when Xolo teamed up with the mighty Liverpool FC on the 6th of January, 2014?  That’s when they became the first partners of the famous football club right here in India. Now, think back to the days when snapping a photo meant capturing just a blur. Not with Xolo, though! They brought a game-changer in July 2015, we are talking about the Xolo Black, one of the very first smartphones in India boasting not one, but two camera lenses. And guess who they partnered with for the big reveal? None other than Flipkart, the giant of online shopping in India. Through clever moves, key alliances, and always putting the customer first, Xolo didn’t just enter the Indian smartphone scene, somehow won it. But with the tough competition out there right now, the popularity of Xolo seems to fade away over the years.

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