Is Nike an Indian Company?

Nike is one such name that everyone in India knows about when it comes to footwear (especially shoes) and sports goods, apparel, and accessories. It is kinda top-tier brand in India, especially when it comes to buying shoes and apparel. And just like millions of Indians, if you think that Nike is an Indian company, then you are wrong. Nike is not an Indian company, it is actually based in the United States and was started out back in 1964. So yeah, if you wanna know more about your favorite shoe brand, then just keep on reading to find out more.

Highlights Of Nike Company Details:


Nike Company Is From Which Country United States
Established Year 1964
Nike Company Owner Public Traded
Nike Company Headquarters Near Beaverton, Oregon, U.S.
Products Of Nike Athletic shoes, athletic apparel, sporting goods, and accessories.
Nike Company Founders Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight
Parent Company Of Nike N/A

The Nike Story

Nike is that big brand we all associate with cool sportswear and those fancy sneakers. But here’s a fun fact though, it didn’t even start with the name ‘Nike’. Yep, you read that right. Back in 1964, two friends, Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, decided to start their own little shoe company. They named it ‘Blue Ribbon Sports’ at first. They kicked things off in a cozy spot in Eugene, Oregon. But here’s the twist, they weren’t making their own shoes just yet. Instead, they teamed up with a Japanese shoe brand named Onitsuka Tiger. Fancy name, right? They basically brought those shoes to the US and got folks excited about them. But, as with all great stories, things changed. By 1971, Blue Ribbon Sports thought it was time for a makeover. That’s when they rebranded and, ta-da, ‘Nike, Inc.’ was born! And you know that cool “swoosh” logo we all love and recognize? The one that’s on caps, shoes, bags, and basically everywhere? Well, that made its grand debut the very same year.

Nike In India

See, just because Nike started in the U.S. doesn’t mean it hasn’t spread its wings! Just like your favorite celeb has fans all over, Nike’s got its own fanbase in India. You’ll see its stores sprinkled across the country and ads that, trust us, feel like they’re made just for us Indians. But at its heart, remember, Nike’s story began in America.

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