Is Micromax an Indian Company?

When there weren’t many smartphones around in the Indian market, Micromax was one of those companies that used to dominate the feature phone segment in the country. Now up until a few years ago, you may have not heard of Micromax’s name when it comes to the best smartphones in India, especially under budgets like 10k or 15k. But unlike other companies, such as Nokia, Micromax didn’t make the same mistakes. Instead, they decided to enter the smartphone market, and now they’re pretty good at it. And if Yes, Micromax is an Indian company that was started out back in the year 2000. So, now let’s dive a little deeper into this company’s history and current status in the country. Here we go.

Highlights Of Micromax Company Details:


Micromax Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 2000
Micromax Company Owner Rahul Sharma
Micromax Company Headquarters Gurugram, Haryana, India
Products Of Micromax Smartphones, Tablets, Air conditioners, LED TVs, Laptops, Power banks, Sound bars, Refrigerators, and Washing machines.
Micromax Company Founders Rahul Sharma
Parent Company Of Micromax N/A

The Micromax Story

See, back in 1991, Rajesh Agarwal started Micromax. But not many people know that it wasn’t a phone company! Nope, they were into computer stuff, selling big-name brands like Dell, HP, and Sony. They only changed to ‘Micromax Informatics’ a bit later on. By 1999, a few friends like Rahul Sharma, Sumeet Arora, and Vikas Jain hopped on board, and things really started shaking up. And yep, people first knew them as Micromax Softwares, a company making, well, software! In the earlier stages, Micromax started crafting special phones for Nokia that looked like those old phones but had this new sim card magic. It was so cool that big players like Nokia and Airtel wanted in. Before you knew it, everyone in India was talking about Micromax!

Current Status Of Micromax In India

As everybody knows at this point, Micromax failed at being a successful smartphone company in the country. And that’s only because they didn’t realize how big of a market it is going to be in the future. Thankfully, they jumped back, and now they’re making some of the best smartphones in the country, especially for those who are looking for a budget smartphone with good features and specs. They’re now promoting their make-in-India smartphones, which are the most reliable ones when it comes to budget segment devices. And that is exactly what Micromax is getting famous for in the country, well, once again.

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