Is ITC an Indian Company?

As an Indian citizen, you may have noticed the cool logo of ITC on various products like consumer goods, cigarette packets, notebooks, and even apparel. At some point in your life, looking at the ITC logo, you may have wondered whether it is an Indian company or another foreign company that is making quite the wave in the country, Correct? Well, the short and sweet answer to your question is: Yes, ITC is an Indian company and ITC stands for India Tobacco Company. So yeah, if you are feeling interested enough to know a little more about this company then keep on reading because that’s what we are here for.

Highlights Of ITC Company Details:

ITC Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 1910
ITC Company Owner Sanjiv Puri
ITC Company Headquarters Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
Products Of ITC Consumer goods, Apparel, Education, Hotels and Resorts, Paperboards and specialty papers, Packaging, Agribusiness, Information technology, and Cigarettes.
ITC Company Founders  W.D. & H.O. Wills
Parent Company Of ITC N/A

History Of ITC


Back in the day, around 1910, it was called the “Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited.” That was quite a mouthful, right? As the years went by, they decided to shorten and change the name a few times. By 1970, it was simply the “India Tobacco Company Limited.” And just four years later, in 1974, they changed it again to “I.T.C. Limited.” Today, we just call it ITC Limited. Even though they kept changing their name, they remained strong and smart, adapting to the business world that keeps spinning and changing. It’s like watching someone grow up, getting wiser and more experienced with each passing year. So, next time you hear “ITC Limited,” remember the journey it has been through!

What Else Is There To Know About ITC?

A stately building named the Virginia House, sitting proudly in the lively city of Kolkata, West Bengal isn’t just any building, it’s the cozy headquarters of a company named ITC, holding years and years of stories and success within its walls. And, steering this massive ship of a company, we have Sanjiv Puri, the Chairman & MD. Now, ITC didn’t always have such a big family of businesses. Nope! They started small, with just tobacco products. But in recent times, they’ve dipped their toes into so many areas like everyday items, hotels, computer software, to even paper and farming businesses. And in 2023, they hit a home run, soaring high and even surpassing a huge company like Hindustan Unilever in market value.

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