As the name suggests, Glen India Limited is for sure an Indian company that was started out back in 1998. However, some people think that this company started out in the year 2002, but that’s simply not true. And if you live in India, and are in need of kitchen or home appliances, then without a doubt, Glen is one of the top brand or company choices you should consider.

So if you care to learn a little more about this home and kitchen appliance brand, we’d advise you to keep on reading.


Highlights Of Glen Company Details:

Glen Company Is From Which Country India
Established Year 1998
Glen Company Owner Ajay Khanda, Madan Lal Sharma And Neeru Sharma.
Glen Company Headquarters Faridabad, Haryana, India
Products Of Glen Chimneys, Built-in Appliances, Cooking Appliances, Small Appliances And Other Home Appliances.
Glen Company Founders Ajay Khanda, Madan Lal Sharma And Neeru Sharma.
Parent Company Of Glen N/A

The Glen India Limited Story

See, Glen India Limited it’s not just another company out there. It was started out in the year 1998, and ever since, this company has become a preferred choice of many when it comes to home and kitchen appliances in the country. Can you believe they’ve been doing their thing for over 25 years? Yep, that’s right! They’re in the business of making machinery and equipment. And you know what? They’ve been doing a fabulous job at it, showing how adaptable and committed they are to us (customers) here in India.

Glen’s “Made in India” Efforts

You may have noticed recently that people really love products made in India these days. Right? Well, Glen sure did! They really get what we’re all feeling and have come up with their very own “Made in India” cooktops. It’s not just a cool ad thing though, Glen truly believes in the skills and talents we have right here in India. Seeing a company making such efforts to offer the best of the best to the customer, is just pleasing. The formula is simple, well in most cases, if a company is making their products right here in India, that means they’re trying to offer the best quality compared to the rest of the brands or companies within their niche. And yep, they saw what modern Indian families like ours want and jumped into smart home gadgets. And if you’ve got Alexa or Google Home, their smart gadget goes perfectly with your smart home idea.

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