Gravita India Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

Gravita India Ltd is a company that works with lead processing and recycling. They care about the environment and are important in the lead industry. Gravita India uses advanced recycling technologies to turn lead waste into valuable products.


Gravita India Ltd Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1992
Company CEO Yogesh Malhotra
Company Head Office Jaipur, Rajasthan
Product Carry out smelting of Lead Ore / Lead Concentrate / Lead Battery Scrap and Aluminium scrap to produce Secondary Lead Metal and Aluminium Ingots.
Company Founder Rajat Agrawal
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 400+
Official Website

Company Operations and Expertise:

Gravita India excels in lead recycling, leveraging cutting-edge processes to extract lead from various sources, including batteries and scrap materials. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities ensure efficient and environmentally friendly methods, contributing to a circular economy. With a comprehensive approach, Gravita India manages the entire recycling lifecycle, from collection to processing and distribution.

Gravita India’s expertise extends beyond recycling to lead manufacturing, allowing it to produce a diverse range of lead-based products. This includes refined lead, lead alloys, and other lead derivatives, meeting the stringent quality standards demanded by industries worldwide. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainable practices positions it as a leader in the global lead market.

Sustainability Initiatives and Corporate Responsibility:

Gravita India is not just a business; it’s a steward of the environment. The company prioritizes sustainability through responsible waste management and energy-efficient processes. Gravita India actively contributes to reducing carbon footprints by minimizing the environmental impact of lead recycling. Furthermore, the company engages in community outreach programs, emphasizing environmental education and the importance of responsible waste disposal.

Gravita India Ltd stands out as a pioneering force in the lead industry, seamlessly integrating recycling, manufacturing, and sustainability. With a steadfast commitment to environmental responsibility, the company transforms lead waste into valuable resources and sets a benchmark for ethical and eco-friendly business practices.

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