Empower India Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

Empower India Ltd is a lively company that brings positive change and empowers communities in India. Since it started, the organization has worked in different areas to improve society and promote sustainable development. Empower India Ltd’s main mission is to solve social issues creatively. They work in education, healthcare, rural development, and skill enhancement programs.

Empower India

Empower India Ltd Company Details

Company Origin Country India
Established year 1981
Company CEO Mr. Rajgopalan Iyengar
Company Head Office Mumbai
Product of Empower India Technology management services
Company Founder Ushaben M Doshi, Nehal M Doshi, Hemal P Udani and Maganlal H Doshi.
Parent company N/A
Number of Employees 1001-5000
Official Website https://www.empowerindia.in/

Initiating and supporting projects in these areas aims to uplift underprivileged sections of society and create avenues for growth. Empower India Ltd strives to improve access to quality education in the education sector. Through initiatives such as scholarships, school infrastructure development, and educational resource provision, the company endeavors to bridge educational gaps and empower the youth with knowledge and skills essential for their future.

In tandem with education, the company significantly emphasizes healthcare initiatives. It aims to enhance healthcare facilities in rural and underserved areas. Empower India Ltd sets up medical camps, provides healthcare services, and implements awareness programs focusing on preventive healthcare measures to improve the overall health status of communities.

The rural development projects undertaken by Empower India Ltd aim to empower villages by creating sustainable livelihood opportunities. These initiatives include skill development training, agriculture modernization, and infrastructure development, contributing to the economic upliftment of rural areas.

Moreover, the company focuses on skill enhancement programs to equip individuals with employable skills, fostering entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. Empower India Ltd aims to empower individuals to contribute effectively to the workforce by providing training in various trades and industries.

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