BLB Ltd Company Profile & Other Details

BLB Ltd, founded in December 1981, is a leading Indian stockbroking company, proudly a Corporate Member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). We actively trade in shares, securities, and commodities.


Blb Ltd Company Details

Origin Country India
Established year 1981
Blb Ltd Company founder/chairman Brij Rattan Bagri
Blb Ltd Company headquarters New Delhi
Product/Services Finance & Investments
No. Of Employees N/A

The commitment to excellence extends to acquiring Depository Participant status with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL). Equipped with skilled personnel and cutting-edge telecommunication equipment, business operations are conducted efficiently.

Notably, BLB Limited holds multiple corporate memberships across premier Stock Exchanges in India, encompassing clearing and trading memberships in the derivative segments of NSE and BSE.

In the fiscal year 2001-02, the presence in the Derivatives Segment was expanded alongside the Capital Market, initiating a comprehensive expansion program. Although the entire shareholding of the subsidiary company, Limited, was disposed of in October 2002, the focus on growth remained steadfast.

A pivotal development occurred in 2003-04 with the incorporation of BLB Global Business Limited, a subsidiary in Mauritius dedicated to trading in ADR/GDR of securities of Indian companies. The amalgamation of J.D. Properties Ltd. with BLB Limited further enriched the equity structure, listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

Continuing the commitment to financial education, a wholly-owned subsidiary, BLB Institute of Financial Markets Limited (BIFM), was established in 2005-06. The year 2011-12 witnessed the transformation of BLB Commodities Private Limited into BLB Commodities Limited, expanding business into the international market through the export and import of Agri Commodities.

To pursue global ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary company, BLB Global Business Limited (BGBL), was created to engage in the export and import business of agri commodities. BGBL further extended its reach by incorporating wholly-owned subsidiaries in Dubai and Singapore.

These strategic moves signify BLB Limited’s commitment to sustained growth and global expansion, which continues to evolve, leveraging expertise, expanding market presence, and embracing opportunities for innovation in the ever-dynamic financial landscape.

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