Top 10 Best Cities for Doing Business in India

India is one of the top developing nations in the world, and we have all seen proof of that. Remember the recent news where India surpassed the United Kingdom’s economy? Yeah, that’s what we are talking about. Now keep in mind that it is the businesses that actually drive a country’s economy forward, and that’s what is the case here. And if you are thinking of starting out a business, we wanna let you know that you are taking the right path, not just for your personal growth, but it’ll certainly boost the country’s economy to some extent.

However, the location of your business is something that matters the most. If you open a huge food business in a rural area, of course, it isn’t going to perform well. And that is why we are here with a list of the top 10 best cities for doing business in India for 2023. So let’s get down to that without further ado.

List of Best Business Cities of India

1. Mumbai


Mumbai is objectively known as the best city, not just to spend your life in, but to do business and thrive both as an individual and as a businessman or professional. Mumbai is a place that is truly vibrant and full of opportunities for everyone. It is a city where business operations are in action round-the-clock, seven days a week. As you may already know, Mumbai is also home to the Bombay Stock Exchange, and National Stock Exchange, which also solidifies that it is actually the best place to start a business in India. The city’s infrastructure is more than capable of providing all the facilities you need to start a business of your own. Not just that, Mumbai is also known as the hub for banks, corporate giants, financial institutions, and academic institutions,  which makes it the most favorite city in India for entrepreneurial minds.

2. Bangalore


Famous as the “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it’s also known, holds an indisputable reputation as a top city for business in India. Flourishing with the energy of the IT industry and technological advancements, the city is truly a hub for multinational tech giants, budding startups, and research institutes. What sets Bangalore apart is its vibrant startup ecosystem, dotted with numerous incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces, all committed to nurturing entrepreneurial ventures. The city is also home to distinguished universities and colleges, producing a pool of skilled graduates across various disciplines and providing businesses with a highly educated workforce. Bangalore’s infrastructure, modern office spaces, international airports, and extensive road network, does more than just facilitate smooth business operations; it connects Bangalore with the rest of the world. It is also noteworthy that the local government is pro-business, introducing initiatives and policies to foster business growth, entrepreneurship, and investment.

3. Delhi


Delhi, the capital of India, stands tall as a preferred business hub due to its strategic location and a host of other reasons. Being home to central government institutions and regulatory bodies, the city opens avenues for businesses to collaborate and gain government support. Its location, right in the heart of northern India, opens doors to a vast consumer market and is well-connected to facilitate trade and logistics. With a strong infrastructure, modern office spaces, commercial complexes, and industrial parks, Delhi offers a range of amenities to aid businesses. Its economic diversification across sectors like IT, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism, gives businesses the opportunity to tap into different markets. The city’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance also attract tourism and hospitality businesses.

4. Chennai

Known as the “Detroit of India” due to its booming automobile industry, Chennai also houses a significant electronics and hardware manufacturing sector, providing ample opportunities for businesses. With numerous IT parks and software development centers, the city attracts global IT firms and startups, supported by a skilled workforce churned out by its renowned educational institutions. The city’s strategic location on the southeastern coast of India provides businesses with a gateway to Southeast Asian countries. Further, Tamil Nadu’s government has implemented several pro-business initiatives to attract investments and support business growth. Coupled with Chennai’s rich cultural heritage, art, and music, the city’s appeal extends beyond just business.

5. Pune

Known as a major manufacturing hub in India, Pune is home to numerous multinational companies and has a strong presence in multiple booming industries. The city provides specialized industrial zones and technology parks that are outfitted with the necessary infrastructure and support. Its well-developed transport network offers businesses access to a larger market and networking opportunities in nearby Mumbai. Pune’s cosmopolitan culture, vibrant arts scene, and range of recreational options make it an attractive destination for professionals and their families. The city also supports entrepreneurship through various initiatives, providing mentorship programs, and access to funding, catalyzing innovation and business growth. Notably, Pune is a talent magnet, drawing professionals from across the country due to its educational institutions and job opportunities. This results in a skilled workforce, particularly in the fields of IT, engineering, and manufacturing, which provides businesses access to a diverse range of expertise.

6. Hyderabad

It would be quite unfair if we forgot to include Hyderabad in this list. Famous as the crown jewel of Telangana, this city is one of the best for entrepreneurial minds to thrive. Why, you might ask? Well, with robust infrastructure, tech-centric parks, and a smorgasbord of IT talents, it’s an obvious choice for tech businesses. Not to forget, Hyderabad also plays a key role in India’s biotech and pharma sectors, and that’s why this city is home to giant firms in this sector. The city’s government is also all-in on boosting business, simplifying red tape, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. The city comes well-equipped with modern office spaces, excellent connectivity, and a plethora of skilled professionals from esteemed institutions. What’s more, compared to other Indian metros, Hyderabad’s living and operational costs are surprisingly affordable – a big win for SMEs and startups. Hyderabad, with its thriving clusters in sectors like IT, biotech, and pharma, is an entrepreneur’s playground.

7. Kolkata

Unquestionably, Kolkata is the optimal choice for businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors, largely due to its wealth of historical and cultural heritage. Characterized by its iconic colonial-era architecture, landmarks, and exciting cultural festivals, Kolkata captivates visitors from every corner of the world. Its strategic position on the eastern coast of India unveils access to not just the Indian market, but also to neighboring nations like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan, thus serving as a primary gateway for trade and commerce in the region. Its robust and diverse industrial base, with sectors ranging from manufacturing to engineering, textiles to electronics, delivers a robust foundation for businesses to root themselves and utilize established supply chains.

8. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, undeniably the epicenter of entrepreneurship and industrial development in India, is a city booming with opportunities for businesses big and small. Known nationally as a hub for a myriad of sectors such as textiles, chemicals, and automobiles, Ahmedabad solidifies its position as the perfect locale for trading and manufacturing enterprises. Boasting a strategically advantageous location in Western India, it offers seamless connectivity to local and international markets via an efficient network of road, rail, and air transport, truly making it an ideal node for trade and logistics. In recent years, Ahmedabad has seen remarkable infrastructural evolution with state-of-the-art office spaces, expansive industrial estates, and specialized parks catering to various sectors. Add to that, the Gujarat state government’s pro-business policies further amplify Ahmedabad’s appeal, attracting investments and driving economic growth.

9. Indore

Indore has rightfully claimed its spot as one of the most business-friendly cities in India and for good reasons. Strategically located in the heart of India, it presents seamless connectivity to massive consumer markets, facilitating logistics and distribution across the country. Modernized transportation networks, including an international airport, coupled with its proximity to major cities like Mumbai and Delhi, solidify Indore’s strategic advantage. Like other pioneering cities, Indore has seen considerable infrastructural development, offering commercial spaces and industrial parks to foster business operations. The city’s diverse industrial base, including textiles, pharmaceuticals, and automobile industries, makes it a fertile ground for investments and business growth.

10. Gurgaon

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about another business hub of India, Gurgaon. Playing host to a multitude of multinational corporations, tech firms, financial institutions, and consulting firms, Gurgaon’s advantageous proximity to Delhi and its dynamic business ecosystem make it a sought-after location for businesses of any sort or type. The city’s infrastructure, complete with modern office spaces, commercial complexes, and well-connected transportation networks, creates a seamless environment for businesses to operate and connect with both domestic and international markets. With dedicated Special Economic Zones, Gurgaon provides a host of beneficial policies, tax benefits, and infrastructure support, particularly for IT, ITES, manufacturing, and biotech industries.


There you have it. Now remember, if you have already picked one city out of this list, we wanna let you know that you are already off to a good start. After all, it is your business’s location that matters way too much. So yeah, we hope that our today’s post has helped you in some way.

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