State Bank of India (SBI) Balance Check Number

SBI is literally the biggest bank in the entire Indian subcontinent, and there are no doubts about that at all. And looking at the popularity of the bank, and getting to know that SBI is kinda too-big-to-fail, you have opened up a bank account with that. Now, you just want to know what your bank balance is, so how would you do that? Well, that’s why we have come up with this post to let you know about the State Bank Of India Balance Enquiry Check number and other methods to do so. Here we go now.


Methods To Check Your SBI Account Balance

1. SBI Toll-free Numbers for Balance Enquiry

Love hitting up a call more than tapping on screens? SBI’s got you covered with their toll-free numbers 1800-2100 or 1800-1234. Ring them up, and voila, you know what you’re working with, balance-wise, no internet thing needed.

2. Missed Call Banking for SBI Balance Check

SBI’s missed call service is another great way to get your hands on your balance details. Shoot a missed call to 09223766666 and bam, an SMS pops up with your balance. Want a sneak peek at recent transactions? 09223866666 is the number to dial.

3. Using SBI ATMs for Balance Enquiry

Who said ATMs are just cash-spitting machines? With your SBI card in hand, you can stroll into any SBI ATM, punch in your PIN, and hit up the ‘balance enquiry’ option. Watch as your balance magically appears on the screen, a handy trick for keeping tabs on your cash stash.

4. Net Banking for SBI Balance Check

For the net-savvy souls, SBI’s net banking is your financial command center. Just visit this URL:, log in, dart over to ‘My Accounts,’ click on ‘View Account Balance,’ and there it is, your balance, clear as day, without stepping outside your digital comfort zone.

5. SBI Quick SMS Service

Text lovers? Alright, we got you! Register your phone by sending “REG<Account Number>” to 09223488888. Done? Now, whenever the urge hits, text “BAL” to the same number and get your balance texted back to you. Easy, texty, and oh-so-convenient.

6. Balance Enquiry Through SBI Passbook

There’s something about flipping through a passbook, right? It’s like your financial diary. Update it at any SBI branch and feel the thrill of seeing your transactions and balance inked on paper. Old school? Maybe. Reassuring? Absolutely.

7. Mobile Banking Applications for SBI Balance Enquiry

Jumping on the app scene, SBI brings you YONO, SBI Online, and SBI Anywhere Saral, each an app with its own flair for checking your balance on the go. Tap open, check balance, maybe even move some money around, all from the cozy confines of your phone.

8. USSD Service for SBI Balance Enquiry

No smartphone? No problem. Dial *595#, navigate the menu to hit ‘Balance enquiry,’ and follow the steps to get your balance texted to you.

9. SBI WhatsApp Banking for Balance Enquiry

SBI’s WhatsApp Banking is like one of the recent methods that many people aren’t aware of, you know? Send a ‘Hi’ to +919022690226, and let the chatbot guide you through checking your balance. It’s the cool mix of chatting on WhatsApp and getting your banking done.

10. UPI Apps for SBI Balance Check

With UPI apps changing the game, checking your SBI account balance is easier than ever before, and did you know that already? Fire up any UPI app, tap on ‘Balance Check,’ and after a quick PIN punch-in, you’re staring at your balance. Fast, secure, and straight-up convenient.

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