Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check Number

Let’s say you have just opened up an Indian Overseas bank (IOB) account, and now you want to use the banking services to the fullest extent. But just like any of us, you’d start by first checking your bank balance, right? But the question is, how would you do it with an Indian Overseas bank account? Well, that’s precisely what we are all about today, we will be sharing the Indian Overseas bank balance check number and all the other methods to get your hands on that bank balance info. Alright, here we go now.

Indian Overseas Bank

Methods To Check Your Indian Overseas Bank Balance

1. Text It Out With SMS Banking

Got a phone and your digits registered with the bank? Shoot a quick text to 8424022122 with “BAL<Those last four digits of your account number>.” Sit tight, and boom, you’ll get a text back telling you how much you’re rocking in your account. Perfect for when you’re out of the internet and need the details like instantly.

2. Give a Ring, Missed Call Style

Not about typing? Cool, just dial 9210622122 from the phone number you’ve got on file with the bank. Drop that call like it’s hot, and wait for an SMS to hit you back with your balance. Easy peasy for folks who’d rather skip the hassle you know?

3. ATM Balance Check

For the ones who like it classic or need some cash in hand, hit up any IOB or other bank’s ATM. Swipe your card, punch in your PIN, and hit up the “Balance Enquiry” option. Bam, your balance is on display. Bonus: you can snag a printout of it too.

4. USSD Code Method

Stuck in a spot with dodgy internet? Dial 9952# on your phone, follow the steps to punch in your bank’s IFSC code, and choose the balance enquiry option. A text with your balance will come your way. Super handy for when the internet’s playing hard to get, right?

5. Net Banking

If you’re all about that online life, dive into IOB’s net banking. Visit this URL:, log in with your user ID and password, head over to “View Account Details,” and select “Check Account Balance.” Not just your balance, but a whole bunch of banking actions awaits right there on your net banking dashboard.

6. Mobile Banking App

Always on the go? Grab the IOB Mobile Banking app, log in with your mobile number or MPIN, and tap “View Account Balance” under “My Accounts.” It’s slick, secure, and lets you handle your banking biz anywhere, anytime.

7. mPassbook

Dig the digital and hate the paper usage thing? The IOB mPassbook app is your best bet in that particular case, you know? Download, log in with your MPIN, and keep your balance and transactions updated in real-time. For the tech-savvy who prefer their records on screen.

8. UPI App

If you’re juggling multiple bank accounts and love a one-stop-solution, UPI apps are the way to go. Fire up your UPI app, pick the account tied to IOB, and hit “Check Account Balance.” Pop in your UPI PIN, and there’s your balance, clear as day. This particular method is super easy, and yeah, ideal for the multi-tasking modern banker.

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