Dhanlaxmi Bank Balance Check Number

After its inception in the year 1927, Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd. grew up to be a very successful and profitable bank. Not only that it has spread from its origination area at Thrissur, Kerala, but also that it used all its manpower and financial support in the last 92 years in increasing stability and trust among the people around. Using innovative solutions and practical financial steps, it has made a name of itself among the Indians. Here we will share with you all the details about the bank balance check options and numbers that that the bank provides.

Dhanlaxmi Bank

Dhanlaxmi Bank Balance Enquiry Number:

Due to its relevance in financial management, Dhanlaxmi Bank makes account information easily accessible. This dedication is evidenced by the bank’s Missed Call Service, which simplifies account balance checks and e-statements. A missed call to Dhanlaxmi Bank’s balance check line, +91-80-67747700, provides account balances quickly. This simple solution eliminates the need to visit a branch or log in to internet banking, making it easy and accessible. Customers call the number to get account balance SMS alerts. Real-time communication informs customers of their financial situation wherever. This service provides accurate account information at home, work, and on the go. The Missed Call Service provides account balances and e-statements. Call the number to get three-month or one-day e-statements in your email. This program provides a detailed account summary to help users monitor transactions, manage spending, and reconcile accounts.


Dhanlaxmi Bank offers innovative, transparent, and safe financial solutions. Dhanam ALERT@MOBILE keeps customers informed and careful about financial activities with real-time account alerts. On customers’ phones, Dhanam ALERT@MOBILE provides rapid credit and debit transaction notifications. Being aware of financial activity helps customers manage accounts. Dhanam ALERT@MOBILE lets users tailor alert alerts. Set credit and debit transaction thresholds to get alerts for transactions above a specific amount. This proactive account monitoring helps consumers notice unusual or unlawful activity promptly, preventing fraud and financial loss. Customers may relax knowing Dhanam ALERT@MOBILE monitors their accounts 24/7. Quick account activity notifications allow customers to report suspicious activities to the bank or freeze their accounts to prevent unauthorized access.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Net Banking:

Dhanlaxmi Bank pioneered digital banking by offering several net banking services to fulfill client needs. 24/7 online support through https://www.dhanbank.com/ gives customers unequaled account management freedom. Dhanlaxmi Bank internet banking allows basic account inquiry to complex financial transactions. Customers can get chequebooks, insurance, transfer money, and set up fixed deposits with a few clicks. The online banking interface shows all financial data. Customers may conveniently monitor spending, savings, and account reconciliation via account statements, transaction history, and mini-statements. This transparency helps consumers make informed financial decisions by understanding their financial situation.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Mobile Banking Services:

DhanSmart, Dhanlaxmi Bank’s mobile banking app, revolutionizes financial management and delights customers. DhanSmart lets customers use their phones to access a wide variety of financial services and products. DhanSmart’s various features make it a one-stop banking solution. Customers may simply check balances, transfer funds, and pay invoices. DhanSmart lets customers’ access cash from home, work, and on the go. Dhanlaxmi Bank’s DhanSmart and BHIM UPI applications improve mobile banking. The BHIM UPI software lets customers pay without cash or cards. Customers may purchase safely and simply using this payment method.

It is quite clear from the aforementioned details that the bank has left no stone unturned to make sure that its clients and customers don’t face any issue while using its service at any time. Through all the devices and means the bank assured proper support as and when needed.

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